Do you ever find yourself struggling to make ends meet? Or maybe your day job is paying your bills, but you have no extra funds to maintain the active social life you want. Most people can agree that they would like to make more money.

Well, you’re in luck! In the digital age of today, there are plenty of ways to make extra cash even working from your home! Check out just five of these unusual, but totally legal, ways to make money.

1. Sell Your Stuff

There are a ton of different e-commerce sites where you can sell your stuff. Maybe its old clothes you no longer want or unused electronics. Needless to say, we all tend to live cluttered lives. How much are you hoarding at your house that you could turn into a profit?

There are even sites online where you can find a variety of unclaimed property and make money off of selling for other people. I would recommend researching which online selling site will be best for your needs.

Beyond just your everyday clutter, maybe you’re talented artistically. If you have skills in painting or crafting or jewelry making. The internet is full of these special products. Sites like Etsy or CafePress allow artists of all kinds to communicate with customers and even make custom pieces.

It provides a special service for the consumer as well as a creative outlet for you. If you possess these skills, you could easily make a living and fatten your bank account selling your art online.

2. Learn Coding and Become a Tech Guru

Maybe you are less skilled in the visual arts, but you are amazing with technology. It takes a special and intelligent set of skills to understand the ins and outs of computers and internet browsers.

Maybe you simply have an interest in learning how to code your own websites and make money off of building these. There are many sites online where you can learn to code for a low price. It’s a small investment to start working as a freelance web designer or tech guru.

Many people use the internet every day without fully understanding if they see malware or any suspicious extensions. Once you master this side of things, you can make a living answering questions and fixing problems for the average Mac user with their unwanted programs.

Questions such as how to remove Yahoo Search from Safari will come easy to you but might be confusing to the general population. Helping to debug and keep people’s web browsers running smoothly may be a great way for you to make some extra cash.

3. Help Improve the Internet and Online Sites

Now, even if you don’t have these specific skills, you can still make money simply by being on the internet. Many companies want help improving their sites and services. You can make money participating in search query’s for Google or by trying out new free software.

Making money in this way requires only a limited knowledge base and you can do it from the comfort of your own home whenever convenient for you. Come on, you can make money simply taking surveys or reviewing restaurants.

Now, this opportunity may take a little more digging to find effective sites to work from, but still a great way to put a little extra cash in your pockets.

4. Research Assistant and Data Entry

Speaking of ways to help companies from home, you may even have the opportunity to help on a more regular level. Many corporations need help simply to organize and store all the date and customer logs they encounter every day. You can help companies find information about clients to grant them their unclaimed money or even digitize court transcripts.

Unlike some of the above-mentioned jobs, data entry and assistantships usually do require and interview process. However, jobs of this nature usually guarantee you more weekly hours and a full-time job you can work remotely. So if that’s what you are looking for, this is a perfect avenue for you!

5. Get Paid to Play Games

Last, but certainly the most fun, you can get paid to play games. As with the world, the gaming world has completely gone digital. You can get paid to stream yourself playing video games for other people to watch. Some regular users of these online streaming sites are making up to six-figure salaries just from gaming every year.

If you’re not skilled in this arena, feel free to also try your hand on new online gaming sites. Often times developers will pay individuals to test our products and work out all the bugs. So if sitting around and playing games sounds good to you, definitely check out this avenue of making some extra funds while having fun!

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