4 Holistic Ways to Fight Drug Addiction

Holistic medicine works to treat the mind, body, and spirit of a person. In essence, it hopes to treat the whole person, which can be extremely helpful for people suffering from a substance use disorder. Here are four holistic ways to treat drug addiction.

Intensive Outpatient Program

If you’re looking for an intense treatment to heal your addiction, consider outpatient addiction treatment. Outpatient treatment allows you to continue to live your life while still working to recover from substance abuse. During this treatment, you’ll engage in counseling and detoxification.

Your doctor might prescribe medication to help with your addiction, and you’ll work on your mental health during treatment. You can also engage in other types of healing, like acupuncture or meditation, during this time.  You can check on the internet for more information on fighting addiction and also the dangers of mixing certain drugs. A higher level of care will help you get the help you need.

For someone really struggling with substance use and looking to avoid relapse as much as possible, outpatient treatment is the right call. Professionals will help you abstain from drugs, create a safe home, find a purpose, and build a community. Working with others to build a new life is a great way to become sober and stay that way. Your risk of relapse decreases as you participate in outpatient services.

Integrative Medicine

Complementary and alternative medicine is also known as integrative medicine. With this type of treatment, you engage in new recovery methods that you might not have tried before. Your primary care doctor will probably not recommend these treatments unless he or she believes in integrative medicine. Treatments commonly found in integrative medicine are acupuncture, animal therapy, aromatherapy, supplements, massage, music therapy, and meditation. These practices can be extremely effective in treating one’s overall wellness.

When you’re fighting relapse, you might find that certain essential oils help you resist temptation. You might enjoy meditation for resetting your mind and removing thoughts of drugs. The recovery process can be long and arduous. Trying integrative medicine is a great way to see if there is another type of addiction treatment that will work for you while treating your whole body.


You can take charge of your own recovery as a holistic approach. Traditionally, people relied on doctors and experts to tell them what to do and really didn’t question what they were told. They didn’t seek to understand substance use disorder or wonder how they could change their behaviors.

With holistic treatment, you work to better understand your addiction and the ultimate goal of sobriety. Work with a holistic practitioner to understand what’s happening to your body and what changes you can make to better your health. Recognizing your addiction is a great first step, but take it one step further. Learn everything you can about yourself and what you’re going through. With this knowledge, you’ll be able to fight addiction and stay sober.

Energy Therapies

Energy therapies work to create positive energy around the body. Some people believe that we’re healthy when the energies around our bodies are flowing. When we’re sick, the energy stops. Reiki and therapeutic touch are common forms of this therapy. These practitioners use their hands to restore good energy to your body and treat your overall well-being. Alternative treatments like these can help you realign your center and begin to feel good again. A holistic approach is the best way to treat any illness, especially addiction.

With holistic medicine, you can try all of these methods and treat the entire body. Holistic treatments allow you to combine whatever is working for you to benefit your mind, body, and spirit. Treat your drug addiction any way you can and you’ll greatly improve your quality of life.

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