Just because the temperature outside is dropping doesn’t mean your spirits have to go with it. It’s true, you can’t exactly soak up the sun like you could during the summer, and the stress of finals might be weighing you down now – but there are other sources of warmth to enjoy in the fall and winter seasons as well. With the correct wardrobe, food, and home preparation, cold weather might be something you even look forward to.

Layer Up

Sweater weather is officially upon us, meaning it’s time to break out the most comfortable and cozy items in your wardrobe. If you still think sweaters and scarves are itchy clothing items, then it’s time to hit the mall. There is a whole new world out there full of soft sweater materials that will make you feel like you’re floating on a cloud. Warming your toes can be a fashion statement with thick patterned socks that match your oversized-sweaters. Top off the look with a knit hat to keep your ears warm and toasty.

Warm Your Insides

Speaking of toast, for a warm, tasty meal try toasting some grilled cheese sandwiches to dip into a hot bowl of tomato soup. Something about this popular food-combo brings a sense of home and comfort. Besides tomato soup, there are a number of delicious soup recipes that are best enjoyed in the midst of cold weather. Soup is a fairly simple meal to put together, so take advantage of this hot dish while the cold lasts.

The cold is also the perfect time to break out the mugs and ‘mallows… because it’s hot chocolate season! Nothing warms your insides quite the same as this hot, creamy, sweet liquid that seems to spread warmth from your fingertips to your toes with each sip. You can experiment with your hot chocolate by adding different flavored syrups and whipped cream.

Bundle Up With Blankets

Blankets are a must in order to survive the cold months. You can never have too many blankets! Bundle up burrito-style and read a book by the fireplace (if you have one) or enjoy an evening in and away from the blizzard outside by making a blanket fort to watch a movie in. Blankets are also a great backup if your house happens to need a heater repair, so make sure you’re stocked up on heavy quilts!

For those of you who are always cold (you know who you are), you might consider getting a heated blanket or a weighted blanket for extra strength. Heated blankets use electrical wiring spread throughout the inside of the blanket to create heat, and most have alternate heat levels to adjust the temperature. Weighted blankets not only keep you warm, but the weight creates a feeling of safety and security–perfect for those scary snowstorms.

Cold weather doesn’t have to be as bad as everyone makes it out to be. It creates an opportunity for cozy indoor activities and tasty dishes that are more appreciated in the cold. As long as you have a fireplace or working heater, your home can be a warm escape to bundle up in big sweaters and thick blankets. With all this in mind, bring on the cold!

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