Once you’ve graduated from college, your next step is securing the job you have always dreamed of. It is never easy; the job market is saturated with other college graduates just like you and most people struggle with landing a job at all, let alone their dream one. 

Most companies have to rifle through resumes and cover letters that all sound relatively similar; you need to find your strengths that make you stand out above the rest and accentuate them in your applications. 

Here are a few handy tips to help you to improve your chances of getting the job you have always wanted. 


1. Do Some Volunteering

While you are in the midst of job applications, get some volunteering under your belt. If you can, make sure it’s relevant to the job sector you are trying to break into.

If you have long breaks within your resume, it can raise questions to employers and, in the worst case, imply to them that you are lazy and don’t take initiative to better fill your time. 

Volunteering roles are much easier to secure than an employed position, so take advantage of this and add your experience to your resume at no extra cost. You never know, an employed position may come up at the place where you decide to volunteer. 

2. Undertake Extra Training

Learn some new skills through practical training. Many employers prefer to employ candidates who already have some experience, and when you’re fresh out of college, this can put you at a disadvantage.

Undertaking a training course, like Six Sigma San Diego training, will provide you with practical business skills that you can transfer to many different roles and you can highlight the skills you learned in your resume and cover letters. 

3. Write Excellent Cover Letters

Most job applications nowadays require you to write a cover letter; this is your chance to shine above the competition and show off the skills and knowledge you have. 

When writing your cover letter, avoid using a template because most recruiters will be able to detect this. Make sure your cover letter is personal yet professional. Let your personality shine through as you tell the recruiter exactly why you’re perfect for the job, accentuating your extra training and volunteer experiences. 

4. Nail Interviews

Once you get an invitation to interview, it is usually the last hurdle to getting a job offer, so you need to nail it. 

Everyone gets nervous at interviews, but the more you prepare, the less nervous you need to feel. 

To do well in an interview, you need to:

  • Research the company well 
  • Practice interview questions and answers
  • Expect unexpected questions
  • Come across as professional e.g. shake your interviewer’s hand, bring along a portfolio
  • Give clear and concise answers
  • Have questions to ask the interviewer

The more interviews you do, the more confident you will feel during them. It doesn’t hurt to ask a friend or family member to give you a mock interview. 

Don’t forget to send a thank-you email after the interview to secure your dream job! 

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