If you feel like you’re spending too much time at work, you’re not the only one. In the modern day and age, about 40% of workers are still working away on their computers after 10pm. We’re well into the night time, and should be getting ready to bunk down and get a good night’s sleep, and yet we’re still toiling away to meet the quota.

It’s clear something needs to change. A better work and life balance needs to come into play. We need to be able to step away from our desks and spend our time doing something else. We have families, and we have social lives, and we should be able to keep up with them!

So, whether you’re your own boss or you’re still working for someone else, let’s try and help you to cut down on your working hours. No human being is going to flourish when in front of a computer screen for more than 5 hours a day, and it’s time to focus on that.

Are you often stuck in an empty office? Now’s the time to change up your working schedule!

Work When You Feel Energized

Of course, it’s impossible to just tap out of your shift because you don’t feel like working, or you’re a bit more tired than usual. But at the same time, it might just do you better to take a principle like this to heart. After all, even when we sit at our desks all day every day, we’re not going to be productive and capable the entire time that we’re there!

No, instead, you need to work when you feel energized. If that’s the first thing in the morning, try to contain your quality work period to those few hours. If it’s the last thing before bed, make sure you boot up your laptop for the last couple of hours of the day! And be sure to save the most hardened and detail requiring work for these times of your 24 hours – they require your best work to complete, so save your energy for them.

Build a Dedicated Tech Department

Technology is one of the cornerstones of big business. The more we invest in the digital world, the more we’re going to get out of it, and it’s one of the richest sectors known to man! Billions upon billions of dollars went into researching all of the code necessary to make the smart phone in your pocket possible, so who knows how much more was needed to make enough fully capable computers to properly fill up your office?

Which, if you’re a business owner, is why it only makes sense for you to invest in IT Support. Because the more dedicated your department is to keeping tech issues and error codes off of the horizon, the less time you’re going to have to spend at work.

You’ll share the effort amongst a full team of professionals, who know how to work the software and hardware necessary for a modern business, and you won’t be stuck slowly troubleshooting the problems yourself.

Take a Bout of Training

If you’re someone who seems to suffer with a lot of downtime, why not try a bout of training here and there? Often referred to as cross training, if you take the opportunities to learn something whilst your focus is otherwise dipping and draining, you help to energise yourself back up again.

Not to mention you actually spend your time doing something productive that’ll guarantee you can get out the door a bit faster in the future!

Because when you take a task of learning upon yourself, you help to set expectations for your brain. You tell yourself, ‘now’s the time to do some work’, as well as ‘now’s the time for being productive’. All in all, it means you gear yourself up for working during a set period of the day, and you won’t tend to take your tasks home with you anymore!

Do You Work Some Punishing Hours?

If you’re spending too much time at work – and if you’re going over your contract hours by even a half hour here and there you are – there are things you can do to change. You don’t have to stick with this kind of working set up.

Change the schedule yourself, or talk to a supervisor; it’s good to share these troubles round the office, because you never know if your colleagues are taking issue with it as well.

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