How To Protect Yourself (& Your Friends) At A College Party

‏Going to a party at college should be a fun and enjoyable experience, but there are certain risks that have the potential of ruining your night. Especially if you’ve never been to any similar event in the past, the new environment and experiences should be faced with an air of caution, and you should always think twice before making any decision. There are a few things you should always keep in mind to ensure that you and your friends can have the best night ever, whilst protecting yourself from danger and having fun out of harm’s way. If you have a college party coming up and want to know how to stay safe, read on and discover some simple hacks you can implement to help you have a night to remember for all the right reasons.

Keep Your Drink With You

Even if you’re choosing something non alcoholic, you must ensure that you keep your drink with you at all times. Though the party may be full of hundreds of people with the same innocent intentions as you, it only takes one bad person with sinister ideas to take advantage of you when you let your guard down. Don’t accept drinks from unknown origins – make sure you that you watch the cup being poured and establish whether you can trust whoever is choosing to give you their drink. If you put your drink down by accident, do not take a chance and take a sip. Just accept that it will go to waste and pour it away, as your safety is much more important than however much money you spent to buy the drink. There are also many dangers associated with drinking alcohol itself wherever the source, so you may want to consider taking it slow and not mixing your drinks to avoid sickness both the next day and in the future.

Practice Responsible Romance

Most students attend parties with one main intention, though they may deny it, and that’s to find someone attractive to take back to their dorm. Practicing responsible romance is so important for your safety, as there are many dangers that come with unprotected sex. With the amount of diseases and infections that can cause you long term issues if left untreated, it’s so important that you take the right steps to stay healthy and free from illness. Many colleges offer free condoms for both men and women, and can provide you with advice regarding regular contraception such as a coil. If you find yourself in a tricky situation, remember that you can still take the morning after pill if you choose to – though there are some , you may find it’s better for your own peace of mind.


Never Leave A Friend Behind


One of the most important safety tips to remember when going to a party is to never leave a friend behind. Especially for young women, it’s essential that you all stick together and keep an eye on one another to ensure you are all as safe as possible. Leaving a friend behind leaves them open to so many dangerous situations, and it’s your responsibility to look out for them and protect them where possible. If you all stay together, the likelihood or danger becomes much much less, and you will be able to have fun without the added anxiety of having to watch over your own shoulder, as someone else will be doing this for you.


Know & Respect Your Limits


It’s completely fine for you to say no – never forget this fact. If you are not comfortable with doing something, you do not have to do it. Party’s can be intimidating places and the need to fit in may pressure you into debating taking part in something you would usually avoid, but remember that you really do not need to impress anybody or prove yourself, rather just have fun and enjoy yourself. If you are not enjoying yourself, stop whatever you are doing immediately and have no regrets in doing so. Know your limits and respect them, as it’s up to you to set your boundaries for other people to see.


These tips should help you have fun and stay safe at any college party. Remember to be aware of your surroundings and whatever is happening around you, and keep your drink in your hand and your friends by your side at all times. Be responsible if you find a partner, and never make any split second decisions you may regret.

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