Five Huge Peer Pressures That College Kids Face

Every single child who grows into a teenager has the pep talk once or twice about peer pressure. We hear about what it means, what it is, and why we shouldn’t give in to it. We also get talked at about the dangers of drugs and alcohol until we can repeat back to people what it all means. The problem is that peer pressure isn’t just a high school thing; or even an elementary thing! Peer pressure begins in the sandbox, from the moment we demand our friends be the same as us or be one of the outsiders.

College Peer Pressures
College Peer Pressures

Going to college brings a whole new set of peer pressures that you may not have anticipated. College students need to pay attention to peer pressure more than any other group of people. The need to fit in, the need to be a part of the crowd, well, sometimes it overtakes everything else. There are those you’ll meet who will tell you the dangers of giving in to pressures, and then there are those who will be “that” friend, who will pressure you into it all. The key is to understand that the consequences of your actions will make the difference between whether you come through your college experience in one piece or you have to start thinking about a tour at a drug and alcohol detox center. It all depends on the kind of college experience you want to have. So, let’s take a look at five peer pressures you’ll face in your college years – just say no!

  1. Going Out. You have a test to study for or a paper to write, but there’s always a friend who will beg you to come out and have fun. They’ll know you have something important to do, and they’ll nag you about it, anyway. This person will always warn you that you’re missing out, even when you’re not.
  2. Not Going Out. On the flip side of that friend, there is always the one who will tell you not to have a night out and will pressure you to stay IN! They’ll continuously bring negativity and bossiness to the table, trying to tell you what to do. Ignore this person; that’s not a friend!
  3. Skipping Class. There’s always one person who will encourage you to skip class in favor of other fun activities, and while it may be tempting on the days you want to curl up and sleep instead of head to class, it’s not a smart decision to make.
  4. Taking Drugs. You will always encounter at least one person who will offer you illegal drugs at a party. The problem is that this person (on their end) wants you to have a good time, but has zero consideration for the consequences of this. Saying no may sound easy, but you may want to fit in. Say no, anyway! You don’t need to potentially jump down a very long rabbit hole to impress anyone else!
  5. Netflix. Netflix and chill are ALWAYS more preferable to studying. However, you cannot Netflix and chill your way into your future. Go to class. Get the grades and relax later.


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