Difference Between a Global MBA and Regular MBA

If you have passed the GRE or GMAT and have started to apply for a MBA program, then you are now ready to ask yourself, should I go for a regular MBA or a Global MBA? The key to answering this question is to know what type of business you dream of working with. Would you prefer a domestic company or company that operates on an international scale? The curriculum for each type of program will cater accordingly.

To help you make a more educated decision on which path to choose, we have broken down the difference between a Global MBA and regular MBA.

A Regular MBA Program:

For starters, if you plan to graduate and work with a business with a strong domestic presence and smaller international reach, then you will benefit more from a regular MBA. These programs prepare people for managing a business that follow domestic regulations and best practices. For instance, people who take on the regular MBA program will learn accounting from a managerial standpoint, universal marketing skills and strategic management skills associated with their home country’s standards.

A Global MBA Program:

Now, if you explore Global MBA programs, then you will focus on global operating procedures, global finance and accounting tactics and international ethical requirements. Also, typically the Global MBA program will be offered abroad. There are a lot of programs available in the United Kingdom, since it is a major international business hub making the location perfect for networking with business owners from a vast array of international companies. You will be able to find Global MBA programs offered domestically, but it is most beneficial to study abroad, since you will get a stronger first hand feel of international business conditions and practices.

The similarities between a Global MBA and Regular MBA program:

While there are distinct differences in the regular MBA program and the Global MBA program, there are strong similarities as well. In general, most MBA students will learn about business ethics, optimal decision-making, data modeling, human resources, finance, accounting, marketing and management. Both programs will help you take your career to the next level.

Technological advancements creating an ever-growing global market:

It may be hard for you to decide on whether you will want to work domestically or internationally as you start your MBA program. However, considering the technological advancements from cutting edge companies like Zoom Video Conferencing, who help bring businesses closer together from all over the world with crisp video conferencing capabilities and much more, it is easy to see that more businesses will need a strong understanding of international procedures, regulations, ethics, finances and other practices to truly excel.

Choosing between a regular MBA and Global MBA program is an exciting and pivotal decision in your educational career. If you are even in this boat to have to choose between the two, kudos to you, you are doing well for yourself. Now that you have a stronger understanding of the differences, be confident you are making the most educated decision possible for your MBA path.


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