3 Terrible Ways That College Students Deal With Stress (And What You Should Do Instead)

Stress is a big part of college life and sometimes, you just can’t avoid it. When you’ve got a heavy workload and finals are coming up, you’re bound to be stressed out. But as long as you know how to deal with stress properly, you can avoid any more serious mental health issues that come as a result of severe stress. Unfortunately, that’s where the problem lies; a lot of people don’t know how to deal with stress properly. There are plenty of things that you should be doing to deal with stress but there are also a lot of things that you definitely shouldn’t be doing. It’s those bad coping mechanisms that people often turn to when they’re stressed and that just makes their situation worse. The key to managing your stress effectively is knowing what the wrong way to do it is, and finding better alternatives. These are the unhealthy coping mechanisms that you should be avoiding, and what you should be doing instead.

Studying Too Much

It makes sense that you should stay up late and do as much studying as possible when you’ve got a lot of work to get through, but it’s not going to help. Your brain can only take so much and after a while, the quality of the work will suffer. You need a break from time to time, otherwise, you’re just going to make yourself more stressed. It’s far more useful to stick to healthy study habits and write yourself a good schedule that includes regular breaks. Giving yourself a bit of time to recharge your batteries will make you more efficient when you sit down to do some studying, so you’ll actually get things done faster by working a bit less.

Losing Sleep

This is tied to the last one because a lot of people stay up all night studying, but sleep is so important. If you’re not sleeping properly, you’ll be way more stressed out. Some people also struggle to sleep because they’re worried about their workload and it becomes a vicious cycle. If you’re having a lot of trouble, you could try high-potency sublingual CBD to help you relax, or CBD vape juice. It’s important that you have a proper sleep schedule and you’re not staying up late every night, otherwise, you won’t be able to handle your stress properly.


Partying is a big part of college life and people use it as a way to blow off steam when they’re stressed out, but that can be dangerous. It’s true that taking a break from your work and spending some time with friends is a good way to relieve stress but usually, those situations involve drinking. Drinking might seem like a good way to relieve stress because it calms you down at that moment, but it actually increases feelings of stress and anxiety afterwards, especially if you’re drinking regularly. That doesn’t mean you can never go out and have fun, just make sure that you’re not drinking excessively and you’re not relying on it as a way to relax and relieve stress.

If you’re using these unhealthy methods for dealing with stress, you’re just going to make your situation a lot worse, so avoid them at all costs.

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