There was a time when we looked forward to this auspicious occasion. The serendipitous feeling when you realize that you are destined for a gala time—now that your school is organizing a field trip. Field trips were nothing less than a kindergarten version of Hangover movies. Hanging out with your best buds, enjoying the bus rides to the destination, singing songs throughout the journey, and this is just what happens in transit!

Once we got to the “field,” it was a whole different ball game. Roaming around with our best pals in the place not restricted to school premises is a feeling nobody can take away—reminisce of happy times that stay with us forever. And the only alluring factor wasn’t the trip in itself; it was all about the food. With our lunchboxes padded up to the brim and snacks overflowing out of our backpacks.

Maybe it was just the good ol’ 90s kids who were given the liberty to knock themselves out on school trips while eating junk and playing “the floor is lava.” But at this very moment, things have taken a turn for the worse. Yes, I’m talking about the new generation of kids who are taking the world by a storm. But that only happens in case:

  • There is an active Wi-Fi connection or mobile internet service
  • The phone’s battery is charged to a hundred percent
  • They are strapped with a power backup, i.e. a portable charger

Don’t get me wrong, and I’m not trying to take a dig on the next generation of kids. My own younger kid won’t gulp down a single bite of her food without watching “wheels on the bus” on YouTube. As much as I hate to admit it, it is kind of convenient. Now I’m not the one to decide whether technology and screen stickiness are hurting kids or not, for that is a debate for some other day.

But what I do know is that kids are not interested in going to field trips anymore and that is a bummer. Yes, I do know that they’ll miss out on tonnes of fun stuff and they won’t know what it’s like. But I also have to understand that it’s the way the world works—generation gaps are real, and people change the way they think. That is why, for kids, field trips are not the most popular real-world experience activity.

In-School Field Trips are the Future

… And the present.

The concept of In house field trips is pretty simple—a group of people visit the school from the outside, talk to you, entertain you and leave you with lots of practical exposure, dreams, and new life goals. But cliché struck and in-house field trips were nothing more than celebrated guest lectures.

In-house field trip activity needed a change—that is when Bricks4Kidz walked into the school corridor with an all exclusive LEGO in-school field trip package. Now you must be wondering “if there’s a generation gap, then how are children supposed to know anything about LEGO? Well, they do. How did you ask? It’s because LEGO has been passed down the generations as the favorite toy-set.

LEGO is still Kids’ favorite

We are talking about legacies—family heirlooms and country heritage being passed on to our little ones by one generation to the other. LEGO is something that has taken everyone by the storm. A personal favorite for kids of every age group that exists, Lego is something that gripped our fellow new-age children in most enticing of manners.

In-School Field Trips need a revamp

In our kiddy-days, firefighters, cops and handymen used to visit our school for in-house field trips. Guess what, it is not 2002, and kids aren’t interested in that stuff anymore. It is all about learning to tap their potential, not watching firefighters and cops and snake charmers do their thing.

Bricks4Kidz with the help of LEGO started organizing the best in-house field trips in Atlanta. It’s no endless hours of people talking and telling how they extinguished fire or caught the bad guys. It’s all about fun, play, and learning.

The Bricks4Kidz workshops are tailor-made for every school in Atlanta that they partner with. Bricks4Kidz sports more than a thousand unique itineraries from which schools can pick out whichever suits them best.

They’re a lot better than Outfield Trips

There are schools of thought when it comes to comparing in-school field trips to outfield trips. Of course, you don’t have to fill little kids on a bus and march them all around the town in search of something they don’t know about. Everything that an outfield trip teaches the school children can be learned in a much funnier way with a field trip that goes beyond closed doors.

Yes, in-field trips happen in the four walls of a classroom, but it opens the doors to imagination. In-house field trips are economical and teach kids a whole lot more than what they believe they can learn. The school management can call in paid magicians, local firefighting crew or couple of animal handlers. They say that textbook education is not enough to get stuff done, and they aren’t all wrong, are they?

A child’s education is not just restricted to books and exercise manuals. Something as open-ended as LEGO can enhance a child’s creativity to think in new dimensions through new perspectives. This is a power that every child holds within, but it only comes out with the right training and grooming.

In-field Trips Sharpen the Mind

The secret to a sharp mind is not just a healthy body; it’s also the way things are done from one end to another of every story. School field trips can teach a lot to children. There is no hiding the fact that outfield trips are exciting, but with the rise of re-generation, in-field school trips seem to make a whole lot more sense.

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