Where Single Older Women Looking For Younger Men Tend To Hang Out

Post contributed by: Joe Lore

When you’re looking for single older women, it may seem like the numbers aren’t in your favor. I think you’re not looking in the right places! There are a few secret spots that’ll be unchartered territory for you.

Go Out Tonight To Meet Single Older Women Looking For Younger Men

Online dating will give you plenty of bang for your buck if you play your online dating cards right. There are hundreds, if not thousands of single older women online in your area looking to meet younger men. These women want to have flings, casual relationships and some of them even want to get married.

So if you haven’t gotten online yet, why are you waiting? Online is by far the most comfortable place to meet older women who are looking to meet younger men. Men like you! But you have to be on the right cougar dating site to begin with.

Let’s say you’ve been cooped up in your favorite boxer briefs for far too long and would like to show them off sooner than later— like tonight! You’re ready to get out of the house, call up some buddies and meet some chicks!

But where are older women dating younger men at? Is your head spinning yet? If it’s not, you should be getting out somewhere to make her head spin.

Know What Music Single Older Women Listen To Before You Go Out

Older women love to dance. And if you want to meet a woman who grew up in the 70s, then go to a club that has disco night. Pick up a few disco albums first. Some faves of mine are the Bee Gees Greatest Hits or ABBA Gold Greatest Hits.

If she was having her big-hair days in the 80s, then go to a club that plays 80s music and caters to an older crowd. If you want to meet a woman who grew up in the 90s, listen to music from her time.

Get your butt to a dance club that caters to the kind of music that your favorite cougar listened to in high school or college. You won’t be sorry!

You get the gist. Listen to the music that single older women liked back in the day. So you can figure out what type of club they’ll go to for weekend dancing.

Even if you don’t have dance moves like Christopher Walken, get out on the dance floor anyway and ask her to dance. The ratio of dancing women to dancing men is in your favor!

Meet Older Single Women In A Dance Class Or Dancing Socials

Not only will dancing classes make you more confident in your life, but it will also be a great place to meet women. You’ll learn to crush other guy’s dancing skills, and this is a massive turn-on for older women.

In most classes you won’t be dancing with the same woman over and over, you’ll get to be close and personal with many women in one session. Many women say they can judge how good a man will be in bed by watching the way he dances.

My favorite dancing class is Zouk. This Caribbean bred dancing sensation began in Guadeloupe and became more popular in the 1980s. Zouk has transformed to other forms including Brazilian styles.

It’s very sensual and is a great way to introduce yourself to women— with plenty of physical contact. It’s considered a sexual dance because its core is in the belly and pelvic area. That is where you ground your connection with your dance partner.

Zouk is incredible foreplay because it starts slow and will help you get to know a woman’s body. You’ll know how she likes you depending on the way she dances with you. And if things are going well her feelings and dancing will intensify.

There may be something like this in your area where it isn’t a class, but less informal dancing meetups.

If you can’t find a Zouk class, there are plenty of other options too. Here is a list of dancing styles that older women love.

  • Zouk
  • Salsa
  • Bachata
  • Swing Dance
  • Hip-Hop Dancing
  • Disco
  • Line Dancing
  • Zumba
  • Pole Dancing

Find a dancing community close to you. Many colleges have dance classes and you can check events on Facebook or your local paper. You’ll be surprised how many dance events are in your area.

The Interfusion festival is the most interactive dancing events in the US that have loads of single women!

These kinds of events will help you get out of your comfort zone and create change in your life. If you want to meet more women— do something about it.

Let’s stick to the music for a little longer.

Meet Single Older Women At Open Mic Night

Single older women love live music and a great affordable place to meet them is at open-mic nights. Local coffee shops are known for having open-mics. If you play, it might be your chance to impress that singer-songwriter-loving-babe.

If playing music isn’t your forte then you can just sit back and enjoy the show.  Sit at the bar and have an Americano while you check out the honeys. Open-mic is an excellent place to meet older women because nobody will be working on their computers blocking you out with their headphones.

Women who are at live music have their ears and eyes open and are there to meet single younger men. If you see an attractive single older woman, ask her if she wants some company and start a conversation about music.

Meet Single Older Women At Local Clubs

Local concerts are another great venue to meet women, not on their computers. Check out flyers at your local coffee shop and ask the barista which shows she would recommend. There are probably more music nights than you can imagine.

Bands are great to see because older people in live groups also have friends that come to support them. When you go, get to know the musicians, bartenders, door guys and security guards too.

A well-connected man has a better chance of meeting more women. Increase your odds and make friends with everyone you see at the club.

While you’re on your way to the music event on the bus or the train . . .

Meet Single Older Women Using Public Transportation

Got a car? Take the public transportation instead. If you spot a hot woman on the train, make it a priority to sit or stand semi-close to her. You want her to notice that you’re “the man” on the train.

Say, “Hi” to strangers, even other people around her. Having a conversation with someone else is an excellent way to get her to notice you. Then you can casually bring her into the discussion that’s already going on.

When you talk to women on the train, you already have something in common. You’re riding the same ‘D Train.’ You could start a conversation with her and tell her about the cool place you’re going to and ask her if she likes live music, or which train is the best one in your neighborhood.

Meet Single Older Women At Your Place

Start a potluck dinner on Tuesday once a month or once a week. Gather some of your favorite people, (who are hopefully decent cooks) to host at their place too. Dinner parties are a great way to get old friends together and meet new women.

I used to have singles-only dinner parties at my flat, and it was a great success. My best friend met her husband there. And the more, the merrier! No invites for couples!

At a dinner party, you can chat about your favorite dishes, share recipes, wine pairing ideas and the best dinner party music. If you see a single older woman that is at the party now, you have something in common with her.

It may seem like a lot of work to organize a party at your place or someone else’s home. But you can work out a deal with one of your buddies who is a terrible cook and barter free food for cleanup help instead of bringing a dish.

Having an intimate setting that isn’t full of first-date pressure is a great way to build a friendship and see if you have a connection with that hot friend of a friend.

Get Your Hair Done To Rendezvous With Single Older Women

Stop going to a barbershop filled with sausage-party crowds. You’ll never meet a woman there unless she’s the barber. You’ll expand your odds of meeting more women going to a salon.

Look for a big salon with several women that do hair. This’ll increase your odds of meeting more women when you get your hair or beard trimmed. Look on several salon’s websites to scope out how many hairdressers have chairs.

Women love to look good and they want you to be well groomed as well. Arrive in early to your appointment to get the most out of your booking. There’re  likely to be some women in the waiting room too. You can ask them about their favorite stylist or hair products.

Expand your horizons and change your routine to meet single older women. Instead of eating pizza with your buddies on the weekends, you can start fine dining at your place with a hottie or three. If you want to meet a single older woman, step up your dating game!

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