Life is full of paperwork, but some paperwork is more important than others. Receiving a diploma is something to be proud of; it’s a beautiful document that marks the completion of a lot of hard work and shows that you’ve earned a credential that could take you a long way in life. Whether you hang your diploma on a wall at home or in your office at work, you’ll want to ensure that it stays in great shape for years to come. That’s why important certificates need superior protection, so it makes sense to buy a premium-quality diploma from specialist manufacturers like Church Hill Classics. They are known for custom-designing document, diploma, and certificate frames by hand right here in the USA.

Show the World That You’re Proud of Your Achievements

Hard work is at the heart of the American dream, and when you have your very own diploma or degree certificate, it shows that you’ve taken an important step to achieving your own dream in life. Put simply, your diploma is the most important document that you’ll ever earn, so it’s only right that it’s given a place of prominence rather than being stored away in a drawer or in a box in the attic. You’ll want your diploma to be the first thing people see when they enter your room or office. After all, it could be the best marketing tool that you have, especially when it’s encased within a high-quality Church Hill Classics diploma frame that complements the aesthetic appeal of the certificate within it.

Making Your Certificate Safe to Handle

Your diploma is something to be very proud of, but, let’s face it, it was really a team effort. The diploma is a testimony to the hard work you’ve put into your college courses, but it’s also a reminder of the support and sacrifices that family members have made to help you realize your academic goals. You can guarantee that when you receive your diploma, all of your family members are going to want to take a look at it. Well-intentioned as they are, so many people handling it increases the risk of the diploma getting dirty, smudged, bent, or even ripped. One thing’s for sure, it will never look the same again. Don’t take that risk. By placing your degree within the safe confines of an archival-quality diploma frame, it will have all the protection it needs, even if it’s passed through a hundred pairs of hands.

Give Your Diploma Museum-Quality Care

Nobody knows more about the importance of protecting documents and handling them in the right way than museums. They devote a great deal of time and money to protecting papers of historical significance, which makes sense when you consider the cultural and monetary value attached to some of them. The Mark Twain Boyhood Home & Museum in Hannibal, Missouri, for example, is home to more than 60 handwritten letters from the great nineteenth-century author, along with first editions of all his major books, including The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. These documents are stored and handled with extreme care, which is little wonder given that a single letter from Twain to his daughter sold for nearly a quarter of a million dollars in 2010.

Your diploma may not be worth millions of dollars, but its intrinsic value to you is priceless, so treat it with the same respect and care that the staff at the Guggenheim Museum would. Before you purchase a diploma frame, you’ll want to ensure it has the same attention to details and the same emphasis upon protection, plus added protection against potential damage from the UV rays found in sunlight.

Prevent Fading and Bleaching

Not all diploma frames are the same, but if you want the very best frame offering the very best level of protection, look for a frame that has lignin-free materials that will not fade, discolor, or degrade. The main cause of inks fading or the document as a whole taking on a bleached effect is ultraviolet rays from the sun that degrade the chemical makeup of ink over time. Bleaching can occur quicker than you think, so do what museums do with their framed displays: ensure that the glass above them offers UV protection that stops harmful UV rays from reaching the precious document below.

Robust Protection for Your Diploma

Life isn’t perfect, and accidents happen, so we need to assess what risks are present and take steps to avoid them. With your diploma, there is the potential for it to be bent or damaged if left unframed, so be sure to safeguard your degree from the start. Make sure your diploma frame moulding is built by hand with the finest hardwoods, that your glass offers top-of-the-line protection, and that your frame’s matting, backing, and mounting materials meet the stringent Library of Congress standards.

Earning a college diploma is a great achievement, and it’s one that will continue to help you throughout your working career. By encasing your diploma inside a premium frame that offers museum-quality document protection, you can be sure that it will remain proudly on display for decades to come.


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