Leaving school is a big step. It’s the first time your grad will be out on their own, so you want to get them a gift they will actually use and love. While another copy of “Oh, The Places You’ll Go!” or a picture frame may sound nice, it’s not that helpful for the next stage of their lives. In comparison, the following gift ideas are some that any college graduate will enjoy and appreciate.

Stocks or Bonds

The first pieces of an investment portfolio may not seem like an exciting gift to a new graduate, but you’re helping them think about the long term. Employers are cutting back on matching retirement investments, and younger generations need to start investing earlier than ever before. A traditional stock or bond is one way to go with this type of gift, or you can start your grad’s portfolio with a more modern form, such as micro investing.

Acorns is a great example of a micro investing app. It enables you to connect your account to a credit or debit card and choose to round up any purchases you make on that card and then invest that amount. This allows your grad to grow their savings, even if they don’t have a lot to put away.

A Car

Yes, a car. While this is definitely the most expensive item on this list, it also is the one that would be most appreciated. Since new grads usually don’t have a lot of cash flow, they may need to commute pretty far to work, travel to different job interviews and otherwise spend a good amount of time in a vehicle, so a car like a Chevrolet Camaro will definitely come in handy. Not only will your grad look sleek in this two-door coupe, but they also will have peace of mind when it comes to having a reliable form of transportation without a car payment every month. Plus, a Chevy Camaro (and other muscle cars) is relatively affordable and gets good gas mileage, especially when compared to larger vehicles like an SUV.

Noise-Canceling Headphones

No matter where your graduate ends up, a nice pair of headphones will be useful. Noise-canceling headphones are perfect for sleeping on airplanes, studying in grad school or tuning out a loud office at a first job. With Apple and other smartphone manufacturers getting rid of the headphone jack on new phones, you should look into getting Bluetooth-enabled headphones to stay up-to-date. The Bose QuietComfort 35, for example ticks all the boxes for a tech-savvy new grad: wireless, comfortable, noise-canceling and compatible with Google Assistant. This allows them to receive texts or even set reminders just by talking.

All of these presents are noteworthy because they will have a profound impact on your loved one’s life after graduation. Entering the real world is difficult enough, so give your grad something to ease their stress and set them on the track to success.

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