Awesome Perks You Get as a Silicon Valley Intern

Landing an internship at a top Silicon Valley high-tech firm is one of the most exciting prospects for eager college students. If you are lucky enough to be one of the select few who has secured an internship in Silicon Valley, you have a lot to look forward to. Besides gaining knowledge, college credit, and experience, an internship in Silicon Valley can also give you plenty of perks. Here are the coolest extras you can enjoy as an intern in this amazing place.

Housing Stipend

One of the most frustrating things about the San Francisco area is the high cost of living. Housing is prohibitively expensive, especially for college students, interns, and entry-level workers. One thing you can look forward to as an intern with a top Silicon Valley company is a potential housing stipend. Many top companies are offering interns a stipend to help cover the cost of apartments or room rentals. Some firms give interns access to low-cost housing during the course of their employment.

Transportation Funds

Transportation in the San Francisco area is also expensive. If you are lucky enough to live close to your internship, you could walk or bike to work. For most interns, the reality is they need to use public transportation or drive to their assignments. Some of the best companies in this region offer interns help with transportation costs. You can purchase discount bus or train commuter packages to help with your budget.

Unique Office Layouts

Besides the financial rewards, being an intern in this region can also give you access to some of the most unique office layouts in the world. Silicon Valley companies are leading the way to help employers create spaces that promote creativity, innovation, and comfort in the workplace. Instead of traditional cubicles and desks, you may have large, open layouts with comfortable seating, games, bright colors, and many more resources to help make your job more enjoyable and more productive.

Intern Social Events

Another great perk for most interns in the Silicon Valley area is access to incredible social events and networks. The ux design internship San Francisco scene gives you an open ticket to parties, networking lunches, meetups, dinners, corporate events, and much more. You get a large network of support of other interns and some of the top minds in the world in tech. This can also help you build up your own personal network and give you a better chance of getting hired for a position once the internship ends.

Great Food

The last big bonus of internships in Silicon Valley is the food. Most of the best firms provide delicious menus of food each day at a low cost to all employees and interns. Forget the typical lunchroom experience or corporate cafeteria from other companies you may have experienced. Silicon Valley companies may provide gourmet food experiences, such as sushi, wood-fired pizza, international dishes, dessert bars, and plenty of healthy options for all.

Are you looking for a unique internship experience that will prepare you for a great career in high-tech innovation? Head to Silicon Valley to get the education of your life and experience these top perks.

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