Are you left with the mundane task of transferring files, programs and settings to your new computer when all you want to do is hit up Taco Tuesday or Ladies Night? Perhaps, you are too reliant on IT services to do the task for you or your business, costing you loads of money. Then simply upload the PC migration software, PCmover.

PCmover is the easiest way to move to a new PC without leaving anything behind, which is proven to be an invaluable feat. 

For those reasons and more, PCmover is the only migration software recommended by Microsoft.

Furthermore, PCmover leads the market due to it being the easiest PC migration software capable of upgrading to Microsoft 10. Other user-friendly features include complete selectivity, “undo”, set it and forget it and 24-hour free transfer assistance.

PCmover will save you and the rest of the world a lot of time and money by eliminating the tedious steps required to migrate to a new PC, opening up your time to enjoy life and retain revenue. Now thanks to the Laplink team’s 30 plus years of development, there is no need to find old CDs, previously downloaded programs, serial numbers or license codes. This may not be the sexiest topic to read up on, but imagine all the sexy things you could be doing with all the spare time and cash.

What is the return of investment (ROI) when purchasing PCmover?

Let’s realistically consider the time it takes to transfer files or programs to a new PC. For example, let’s make a conservative estimate that it takes 10 minutes to install Adobe Photoshop. Now say you have 20 programs similar in size, that means it would take 200 minutes to transfer all programs, which still does not calculate the time it takes to transfer other files or procrastinate by peeping at memes.

Hence, studies and customer testimonials of PCmover show savings to be a minimum of $300 per desktop. In some cases cost savings can exceed $2000. Check out Laplink’s simple ROI calculator to find out for yourself. With pricing starting at $59.95, your return on investment will be immediate. Ask yourself, how much is your time worth?

Enjoy this simple clip that perfectly animates the beauty of PCmover.

Transferring files, programs and settings is as easy as copying and pasting files. The PC migration is a simple step-by-step process. You will also find that you can do large-scale migrations with minimal IT support; there is no coding or development expertise required.

There are three versions, PCmover Professional, PCmover Business and PCmover Enterprise, each with features that tailor to your needs. PCmover is the ONLY software that automatically moves and restores all selected programs, files, settings, and user profiles from an old PC to a new one. What is especially helpful with PCmover is that it can even transfer your business’ IT requirements.

To learn more about how PCmover works, watch this demo below:

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