In the age where smartphones can be found in millions of pockets of young people and businesspersons alike, it’s no wonder that saving money using your phone is becoming easier than ever. While getting your hands on short term loans online in an emergency is an option for all, saving money is something we all find ourselves trying to do to the best of our ability. We’ve pulled together five ways that our smartphones can start paying for themselves and save us money.


Coupons have always been a long-standing way to save money, and in the age of smartphones it’s easier to use them than ever. Cutting coupons is a thing of the past, as most businesses will have apps with discounts and coupon codes easily accessed on them.

If it’s not on the app, a screenshot or an email can be just as effective and often makes it easier to not only find the coupons, but use them too.

Price Comparison

Comparing prices, or ‘shopping around’, is one of the biggest money savers there is and with apps like RedLaser and Google Shopper, it’s easier than ever to see lower prices for items that you want.

You just scan the barcode on the item, and it’ll bring up a list of where the item can be found online, and how much it is in each place. More often than not, it’ll be cheaper somewhere online and can be well worth looking to see how much you could save.


Putting together a budget on your smartphone can help you keep track of your budget and spending at all times.

Having access to the information with a simple tap or click can help you realise if you’re spending too much on one type of thing, and need to cut down. Apps such as Jumsoft Money for iPhone or Moneywise or Pageonce for Android are all good options, but it’s worth looking for an app you like the look and feel of to suit your needs.

Finding the Cheapest Options

Finding the cheapest place for gas or the closest fee-free ATM can be as easy as tapping an app with smartphones. PetrolPrices, for example, is an app that will tell you the prices and rates of the closest petrol stations to you at any given moment. While it might only seem like you’re saving pennies at a time, it could very well add up to being hundreds of pounds worth of savings over the course of a year.

Similarly, finding your banks closest free ATMs can be as easy as using a banking app. Most major banks will have this feature on their app, but if this isn’t the case for your bank, you can bookmark the locator page on their website through the browser on your phone for a similar service.

Messaging apps

Free messaging apps are another way to save money. If you’re on WiFi a lot or have unlimited data, it might be worth getting an app like Skype or WhatsApp. Skype can offer you free calls over WiFi, which can save your minutes and even help you avoid international call fees if you need to make a call overseas, and its IM feature is as easy as texting with a whole host of extra emojis. Similarly, WhatsApp is a messaging app that has a call feature, and is an option for free communication that is quickly growing in popularity.


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