There is now a growing demand for behavioral analysis graduates as the field is often overlooked by students for some reason. However, there is a wide variety of positions available for behavior analysis students that should be considered for anyone who would be interested in the profession. Here are three of the best career choice for behavioral analysis graduates.


If you’re the altruist type and have an empathetic nature, the job of a counselor might be a great choice for you. Counseling is also one of the most sought-after positions for behavioral analysis graduates. Furthermore, the field has experienced steady growth over the last few years and a large number of counseling positions are asking for behavioral counseling graduates.

And what’s even greater is that institutions like the University of Cincinnati offer a great online behavior analysis program. Online behavioral analysis degrees are often viewed more favorably since they are often just as extensive as programs offered by brick and mortar institutions. They are also cheaper and you can work a full-time job while you study.

Psychological Assistant

Psychological assistant positions are also on the rise and more and more behavioral analysis graduates are needed to fill them. As a matter of fact, the Bureau of Labor Statistics recently declared that psychology related jobs will grow at a faster rate than the national average over the next few years.

As a behavioral analysis graduate, you won’t be able to work directly as a psychologist, but you will be able to provide assistance to a psychologist when it comes to counseling, clinical tests, or research. However, you will usually need to get certification from the American Professional Psychology Board before you start practicing.

Special Education Assistant

Special education is one of the fields where behavioral analysts are in high demand. As a matter of fact, anyone called to work with children on the autism spectrum will need to have a behavioral analysis background. It would also help if you gained experience with other behavioral disabilities to widen your scope of positions.

Most of the time, special education assistants will be asked to work in school settings. You may decide to work in a public, private, or specialized school. You might also be called to make specialized visits to hospitals or home visits in some cases.

But, as a special education assistant, your work will not be limited to children. You might also be asked to assist and educate parents of children with special needs on how to deal with their children’s behavioral issues better. If you decide to further your education and obtain a teaching license, you might be able to land a position as a special education teacher.


As you can see, behavioral analysis is a very vibrant and very fulfilling field with tons of possibilities. Whether you decide to work as a counselor, psychological assistant, or special education assistant, make sure that you choose a position that speaks to your natural strengths and personality type.

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