The Most Captivating Storyline from College Basketball’s Offseason

For someone, playing basketball is an active holiday and a way to entertain and compete on amateurish damage. In addition, for others, it is a whole world in which sports achievements, work, and shows are closely intertwined. College basketball games are exciting events to have fun if you think in advance about Edubirdy for performance evaluation. Moreover, when there is a break between regular games, some minutes for offseason storylines are left to talk on.

A basketball season is often broadcasted on TV. On their example, many children have grown up and are growing up, who insistently ask their parents for attending  children’s basketball sections, and want to be known to the whole world, like Shaquille O’Neal and Michael Jordan, and receive the same million fees. However, offseason basketball programs are in a timely manner presented on TV, and, what is more, any exciting basketball player of college storyline of frequently hidden from the masses: be it a courageous story or a history of survival.

A 16-year-old guy, college basketball player, Craig suffers from depression. As a part of offseason basketball program, the coaches and other college authorities have decided to test him upon hard life challenges. Problems of adolescence significantly affect the young man. However, it had a little impact on him during the basketball season. However, in the times of preseason break, he has much more chances to devote time to himself. Parents are not serious about his problem. They are more busy with their own affairs, although they are monitoring the condition of their son. Craig is agitated because of his studies: he is afraid of failing final exams in an elite summer school, afraid not to go to university, to stay without a girl, not to find a prestigious place in the future NBA league and comfortable housing. In general, he worries he won’t be capable of working out as hard as it is required to be on the top.

In connection with the accumulated problems, Craig decides to contact the doctor and shares his experiences with him. As a result, the guy is offered to go to a psychiatric hospital. The young man thinks that he will simply be prescribed medication and sent home, but the doctors decide to leave him in the hospital for few days, where he had a chance to deliver his stories from a brilliant basketball season in college and at what stake he coped and suffered at the same time.

The youth department is closed for repairs, so Craig is placed in an adult department. There he meets Bobby – a man who soon becomes his friend and mentor. Bobby has a wife and an eight-year-old daughter, but her husband does not allow them to communicate often. Craig tries to find out from Bobby why he was in the hospital, but he does not want to tell him. In one day, Bobby decides to get the guy out for a walk. They change into medical gowns, bribe the guard and go to the gym to play basketball. There, Craig again asks Bobby the question of the reason for his stay in a psychiatric hospital. It turns out that Bobby tried six times to commit suicide. When Craig tells Bobby that he was trying to jump off the bridge, Bobby says that if he had a life like a guy, such friends, a family, he would not have done it for anything. The reason for all this was a failure of his childhood: Bobby has always dreamt of becoming a successful NBA player, but he didn’t go for it and later on started a life path he didn’t want to for at all. It is not a secret that some of our problems evolve from having chosen the game of our life, and in this regards life standings immensely matter.

At the hospital, Craig meets a girl Noel, who also ended up in the hospital due to suicide attempts. They spend a lot of time together, and soon the guy realizes that he fell in love. This love re-energized him a gave a full bunch of enthusiasm for the upcoming season in college basketball games. A man realizes that the upcoming college basketball games would be the change to prove him once again he is worth what is at stake: glory, NBA, success, recognition, hard workout, etc.

Before entering the hospital, Craig believed that he was a loser and his life was a complete catastrophe, but upon leaving the hospital, he understands that there are many people in the world who have much more difficult problems, that he simply did not appreciate his family, home, life chances, college basketball teams, and friends. The guy begins to love his life.

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photo credit: Don Voaklander 2016_02_06BearsBB (7) via photopin (license)

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