Being a pet parent is a lot like living with a furry toddler that’s bent on getting their paws on anything that lies in their way. It’s one of the more frustrating aspects of pet ownership, but one that’s put up with willingly because of the joy and love that pets bring their owners. It’s for this reason alone that makes it important for owners to make it a point to remove items out of harm’s way for both the item and the pet. Taking the time to pet proof the home gives the owner peace of mind and the ability to enjoy the love their pets bring without the worry of the trouble those pets can get into.

Animals don’t have the same reasoning and logic circuits that humans do. As a result, they’re prone to getting into trouble by chewing on cords, hair ties, thread, yarn, and whatever else they can get their teeth on. Some household plants and cleaning chemicals are also dangerous and need to be kept out of the way or taken out of the home altogether. A few foods are also dangerous, including chocolate. And while keeping chocolate out of the home is near impossible, there needs to be responsible consumption in the home and no sharing with the dog no matter how much she begs. It’s for her own good.

Read the infographic below to learn more about keeping pets safe in the home and avoiding the risk of a costly vet bill. 

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