Why Studying Abroad Can Increase Your Chances of Being Accepted into College

Perhaps you’ve always taken it for granted you’ll attend college. Indeed, the expectation to attend college was no doubt introduced very early on during your education; after all, college is the best route to all manner of careers and opportunities. However, you’ve probably noticed how difficult the road to college can be, particularly if you’ve only recently decided to knuckle down and earn your place. The type of schooling that you might have received up until this point will be important to your college application, but it’s not too late to impress admissions. Rather than stressing about GPAs, consider the merits of studying abroad; a whole new world could be about to open up.

So, what’s so great about studying abroad?

There are numerous benefits to studying abroad, least of all the impact such a choice could have upon your college application; whether you’ve been studying at an international boarding school or decide to supplement your education with a year overseas, the time you spend away from home is likely to be looked upon favorably by college admissions.

A better understanding of subjects

Many overseas schools boast smaller classes, with a focus on a variety of subjects you’ve perhaps never considered. Staffed by experienced faculty members who guide pupils, and recognize and nurture talent, these kinds of academies can ignite passion you never knew you had. Such an inspiring education is looked upon favorably by college admissions, as it demonstrates a student’s ability to engage with a topic and make the most of academic exploration.

Enriching study programs

Let’s start with an obvious benefit of overseas study; the enriching programs you’re likely to tackle at an international school will pave the way for all kinds of academic avenues, least of all college. Many overseas establishments offer a holistic approach to academia, aiming to expand students’ minds with a broad array of subjects. These kinds of educational interactions effortlessly fulfill college admissions requirements. Indeed, the International Singapore school, which is just one example of an overseas academy, sees 90% of its student into the college of their first choice.

Life experiences you can’t harness at home

Studying abroad introduces students to new cultures, societies, and friends, as well as a vast wealth of knowledge. Taking that leap into the unknown is bound to broaden your horizons, and will look fantastic on any college application; after all, you’ve already demonstrated that you’re happy to live and learn away from home. Joining an international school will exhibit an ability to undertake unique extra-curricular activities, including sports and languages; again, these will stand your application in good stead.

An opportunity to nurture leadership skills

Colleges are always on the lookout for future leaders; those who will excel under any given circumstance. Overseas study instills a sense of confidence in its students, ensuring they’re ready to face the world with renewed passion and vigor. What’s more, you’ll be exposed to countless programs and experiences during your time abroad. The ability to think on your feet, study under pressure, and work as a team will no doubt become apparent.

Emphasis on creative thinking and languages

There’s abundant evidence that demonstrates overseas students are already ahead of the game when it comes to college applications. The emphasis on creative thinking and languages means that those choosing overseas study will enter the college applications process with an enhanced ability to embrace education. It’s important for anyone undertaking a gap year, or boarding at an international school is able to articulate those experiences, though. Never be afraid to talk about what you’ve learned, and how it’s shaped you as a person.

So, there you have it; overseas study can recognize and nurture talent in a unique way, as well as enabling students to flex their creative thinking, problem solving, and language skills. International study offers a better all-round education, and has a habit of placing students ahead of their games academically. Is this an opportunity you can afford to pass up as you think about applying for college?

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