If you find yourself dreaming about leaving your job to open your own business, it’s certainly doable with some hard work and dedication. In addition to needing a great idea for a new or existing product or service, there are certain skills that budding entrepreneurs should possess.

With this in mind, check out the following four skills you’ll need in order to say goodbye to your current job and hello to being your own boss.

1. Moonlight as a Small-Business Owner

As My Top Business Ideas notes, one of the best ways to develop your entrepreneurial skills is through continued practice and commitment in your current day-to-day job. While you might not be ready to quit your job and do this full time, you can certainly test the entrepreneurial waters by moonlighting.

For example, you could become an independent business owner by partnering with companies like Amway, which offers a wealth of opportunities for self-starters like yourself who want to flex their entrepreneurial muscles. As a bonus, the work is flexible and can be done early in the morning, at night and/or on weekends.

Plus, starting out small will not only allow you to learn very quickly on the job and improve your skills, but it will also let you see firsthand if being your own boss is the right fit for you.

2. Improve Your Communication Skills

Possessing strong communication skills is integral to become a successful entrepreneur. As The Balance notes, your ability to communicate clearly and effectively with potential clients, vendors and employees can help take a fledgling business to newfound great heights and success.

Need to develop or brush up on your public speaking skills? Consider joining an organization like Toastmasters, which in addition to making you comfortable speaking in front of large groups of people, can boost your overall self-confidence and ability get your point across in an effective manner.

3. Learn How to Handle Your Money

Becoming a successful entrepreneur means being with finances. Most new businesses won’t experience overnight success, so it’s imperative for you to learn how to be disciplined and careful with your expenses — both personal and business-related.

After all, the last thing you want is to overspend on rent and ultra-fancy equipment for your new company, only to be forced to shut the doors on your dream because you ran out of money.

Need a quick and seamless way to develop money management skills? Then you may want to attend financial seminars designed for entrepreneurs, read books on money management, and learn all you can about how to launch a new business on the cheap. For example, consider starting a business from your garage rather than in a shop in a high-rent district.

4. Learn to Strategize

While you might yearn to open your own business tomorrow, new companies typically don’t experience success without first developing a solid plan and strategy. With that in mind, find a local mentor or two who have launched successful businesses and are willing to share some do’s and don’ts with you. Spend some time over lunch or coffee discussing your entrepreneurial ideas and goals, and work with your mentor on ways you can break down these goals into smaller, more manageable chunks.

Additionally, you may want to read books on time management and how to create a business plan. This way, you’ll pick up useful tips on how to get a new business started in a strategic and smart manner.

With Time and Dedication, You Can Do It!

While becoming a successful entrepreneur takes plenty of time and hard work, it’s definitely doable for a focused and passionate self-starter like you. By dabbling as a small-business owner and focusing on these important skills, you’ll have what it takes to launch a successful business.

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