Is mobile phone costing you more than it should? If yes, then it’s high time you learned how to keep on top of the costs. There are various ways you can control your data, call, and text use, especially for SIM-only services. The SIM-only service gives you more advantages when it comes to managing your mobile phone costs. One of the finest ways to manage phone costs for is by looking for the best offers from network providers like EE. This way, you save on mobile data and other phone charges. Here are the details of how to manage your costs.

Get an EE SIM-only Contract

This type of contracts offers you an opportunity to shop around for deals. When looking for low-cost data, go for providers offering unlimited mobile data plans. EE mobile deals are one of the best; they offer low-cost rates on all network services. Though EE mobile do not include unlimited data, they provide unlimited text. EE also include an affordable amount of minutes for the whole month.

There are a lot of companies that offer unlimited mobile data plans at affordable costs. This gives you the advantage of switching if your current provider is not able to offer data according to your needs. This also applies to your calls, there are months when you need more minutes than data so flexibility will save you. You can pick a different contract to suit your need for minutes.

Choosing a SIM-only contract also gives you the advantage of not having the cost of your handset being included in the deal. You do not have to compare mobile phones because you can still keep your phone or get a new one whenever you need. The fresh phone you get does not affect your plan; you get all your data, texts, and minutes, just as they were before.

Use Free Services

There are a lot of costs involved in calling and texting, but you can avoid them if you are a bit tech savvy. You do not have to be a hacker, just get an application that offers free calls or SMS and you`re good to go. If any costs could be attached, then you can be sure that they are too minimal anyone can pay. Apps like Kik and Skype are just handy when it comes to cheap or free calls and texts so you get to control your phone costs.

Block Third-party Services

If a third party service is not necessary, kick it out of your phone. Most of the third-party apps and services like ringtones come with charges, some of which are hidden. There are suspect companies that are always looking for ways to track fraudulent costs to your bills, but you can avoid such costs if you keep off some third-party services.

Control Your Data Costs

You can also control how you use your phone data so that you save on data costs. There are various ways some of which are noted here. First, always ensure that you use Wi-Fi whenever there is free access. Second, you need to check your mobile phone settings. There are those apps that secretly use up your data whenever they are set to access data. Those apps are notorious for increasing your data costs, but you will hardly notice. Turn off data access to such apps and leave only the necessary ones.

The third thing you can do is to set a data alert on your phone. You can use a data-management app for this or use your phone’s settings. Set a limit for monthly data use so you do not incur costs for overuse. Lastly, you can keep your data always turned off if you are not using it. This will enable you to use less data hence low data costs.

Use Landline

If you have a landline phone, you can make free calls and save yourself from the mobile phone costs. Topical landline calls are free to make so take advantage of this all the time you are next to a landline phone. If you need to make local calls regularly, this will help you reduce the costs you could incur if you chose to use your mobile phone.

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