Congratulations! You’re about to reach a milestone as you cross the finish line of your college journey. For months now, you’re probably itching to become a full-fledged adult and be able to find a stable job, rent your own place, pay your own bills, and even cook your own food. Sounds like the millennial dream, right?

But the transition from being a college student to becoming a professional isn’t all sunshine and rainbows. At some point, it’s going to get hard. In the real world, coming unprepared for the worst is a no-no.


Before pitching yourself to corporations a.k.a. the big leagues, here are some ways to help you smoothly transition your lifestyle to becoming a career-driven adult:

Polish Your Online Reputation


Yes, that includes social media accounts like Facebook and Twitter. Monitor your online reputation and make sure your social media accounts don’t have any unpleasant and embarrassing posts. Try to fill out as much information as possible because not doing so projects a lazy image to employers. But avoid oversharing on social media, especially those party photos of you getting drunk and wasted. You don’t want your prospective employers to see them, do you?

Most importantly, never say something against any company in social networking sites. Employers in general check the social media accounts of job applicants to see if they are a good fit for the job. It’s part of the screening process, so you’d better be careful with what you do and share online.

Keep Your Relationships Intact


Finishing college doesn’t mean you’ll have to forget and let go of friendships you’ve nurtured for years. Keep your friendships in college intact because if there are people who truly understand what you’re going through, it’s them.

Use a people search website to find long-lost friends and rekindle what was once a great friendship. Of course, they would love to hear your success story in the future, too! Try to expand your connections, as well. It will be beneficial to you, especially when you’re looking for a job.

Learn to Manage Your Time Better


Soon, you’ll be taking on a responsibility that can make an impact on the company you’re working for. It may not be as big as that of an CEO, but it’s definitely vital because obviously, you’re getting paid for it.

Learn to manage your time better. This is not university life anymore where you can oversleep for a few hours and ditch a class. Eventually, you’ll land a job that requires your commitment for 8 hours daily.

Use your time wisely. Make it a habit to wake up early and limit the time you spend watching your favorite series. Instead of playing internet games on your spare time, widen your knowledge and read. These may be little acts, but they’re a start. At this point, you should know and set your priorities for the future.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask


Your school’s career placement programs aren’t there for nothing! Ask career advisers about what path you should take. It could be a job aligned with your degree or not. As long as it’s aligned with your passion, go for it.

Asking questions doesn’t mean you know nothing at all. You’re a curious soon-to-be adult that just came out of your comfort zone, so it’s fine to ask as many questions as you want!

Develop an Emotionally Strong Self

Life after college may seem like a place where you can do whatever you want, but the truth is, it can hurt, stress, and suck the life out of you. But it doesn’t have to be always like that.

If you just train yourself to be a strong, clear-thinking, and respectful human being, you’ll survive the jungle that’s waiting for you. Be prepared to deal with colleagues who will look at your work and constructively criticize them. It may sting at first, but eventually, you’ll see the light at the end of every “needs improvement” comment.

With these tips, not only will you have a smooth transition from being a student to becoming a corporate-ready adult; you’ll also learn that the real world isn’t so bad after all.

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