As a student, you probably work incredibly hard whether you study in school or online, such as an online masters in criminal justice from Boston University, or even one of the many other options for students today. You may even be working a job while you study. Stress, a lack of sleep, cold weather and a poor diet often contribute to students having bad skin. From dry and flaky, to oily with outbreaks, these top skincare tips can help.

Eat Well

Eating well has a massive effect on your skin. Eating greasy, fatty foods, can lead to spots and oily skin. Fruit and vegetables filled with vitamins and antioxidants can help protect your skin and keep it healthy.

Lots of Water

The recommended eight glasses a day aren’t just great for your insides. Water also helps keep your skin hydrated and youthful. A lack of hydration can lead to dry skin, so to keep it soft and supple, try to keep a bottle of water by you as you study. Conversely, alcohol can lead to tired and aging skin, so try to keep consumption low.

Plenty of Sleep

Sleep can be hard to get enough of when you’re a student. Those studying online, such as a masters in criminal justice online, often work late at night, with no formal schedule, then struggle to sleep. Try to switch off and relax for an hour before bed; you’ll sleep a lot better for it.

Take Your Make Up off!

We’re all guilty of sleeping in our make-up occasionally. This is one of the worst things you can do for your skin. Leaving your make-up on overnight dries your skin, clogs your pores and can lead to brittle eyelashes and brows. Try to get into a good cleanse and tone routine before bed. You don’t need expensive products, just ones that suit your skin type and can be used every day.


Regular cleansing itself, as well as harsh weather and products, can be very drying. Invest in a facial moisturizer, preferably from the same brand as your cleanser, to avoid introducing too many chemicals, and use after cleansing every night.

Have Make-Up Free Days

Your skin needs a break just as much as the rest of you. Have at least one day a week where you exfoliate your skin, then leave it. Don’t apply any make-up and let it have a day to breath. You may be amazed at how much difference this makes to your skin’s radiance.

Don’t Squeeze

A spot isn’t the end of the world. It won’t last long, so don’t be tempted to squeeze. You’ll spread the germs and damage the skin around the spot. It’s just not worth it. If you really want to get rid of it quickly, get a specialist face wash for treating acne.

Remember, the odd bad day won’t hurt. You’re allowed a greasy burger or a late night kebab every now and then. But try to stick to these tips where you can and you’ll have healthy skin, with a rosy glow, all year around.

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