All students feel stressed after a year full of studying. Working all day long and doing some extra activities can make students start to drink, overeat or even do drugs in order to overcome the accumulated stress.

However, in this article we will discuss the other ways to beat stress. Moreover, they are healthy and cheap!

Therefore, instead of buying another bottle of beer, consider following the tips below to come to the college with renewed vigor and write the best term paper and course works in the next year.

1) Physical activity is a key to relaxing

Get your body moving to relieve a lot of stress. Try workout or participate in sports such as football, volleyball or basketball. They are not only effective but also can improve your teamwork skills. You may even feel that your stress comes out with your sweat. In addition, running and dancing can release your mind from all the problems and worries.

2) Go out of your house

It is recommended to leave the place you are usually studying in. Mainly, we talk about home. Go for a walk with your dog, travel somewhere. If you are a student on a budget, then find the nearest lake, pond, river or forest and spend some time in nature.

You can also go out with your friends to watch a movie in a cinema, have a lunch or simply walk around your local area and talk. However, remember that you can talk with your friends about everything except of studies and exams. Forget about your college for some time!

3) Do your hobbies

Put your stress towards the things you like. If you enjoy baking, riding a bicycle, reading (not college textbooks), listening your favorite music, then you are more than welcome to do so. Do only the activities that make you happy.

4) Relax both mind and muscles

Do yoga or take a hot bath. These two activities can make you both physically and mentally relaxed. Close your eyes and imagine that you are somewhere in the mountains or at the beach for at least five minutes. This technique is called meditation.

5) Try something new 

Make your life brighter before your next college year. New experience and challenging yourself are always good! You may immerse yourself in a program overseas, try to learn a new language or do some volunteer work. Moreover, if you like that feeling when you experience extreme fear, then you can try bungee jumping, mountaineering, hang gliding or rafting.

These activities will definitely make you forget about your studies!

6) Work not only to relax but also to earn some money

Get a part-time job in order to have some free time before you will be studying almost for the whole year. However, if you feel that the job of your interest can make you relaxed, work from morning to evening five days a week. Additionally, there is an option of finding a freelance job, on which you can work even sitting at home.

Apart from taking your mind off your studies, you can earn some cash for the next college year.

The best tip on how to relax before your next college year is to try a mix of everything mentioned above and a bit of revision of old study materials. Manage your time before the next college year successfully following our 6 tips mentioned above. Good luck!

Walter Hurley is a content writer and a blogger. He likes to help people, especially students, by giving them advices on life enhancement.

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