I have never been much of a fan of washcloths. Perhaps I am lazy but it just creates more laundry while acting as a breeding ground for bacteria. No matter how often I fold it up nicely and drape it over the faucet, I always return to find it balled up in the corner of the bath tub soaking wet. Hence, I have grown up utilizing the standard lather it up method with nothing but a good ol’ bar of soap. That was until I discovered Pura Naturals soap infused sponges.

The first new category for personal cleansing since the introduction of liquid soap in 1980, Pura Naturals are changing the game of personal hygiene.

Pura Naturals

Pura Naturals: Rethink Cleansing

Natural and nourishing, these soap infused sponges are made from a unique, plant-based formula with no harsh, artificial chemicals that could be potentially damaging to skin. 100% vegan and gluten-free, each sponge is infused with Level Naturals soap, botanicals, and essential oils. Finding a product without harmful additives can be a daunting task so we are bringing Pure Naturals soap infused sponges to you!

This environmentally safe product is made with revolutionary 3P Technology, a unique proprietary polymer that is highly chemical resistant, thus not at risk of breaking down when absorbing other chemicals. Better yet, the product absorbs oil and grease, resists bacteria, and contains absolutely zero synthetic ingredients.

Ever take a shower and still not feel clean afterwards?

That will not be the case with Pura Naturals.  With over 12 scents that will stimulate and please your olfactory senses and even kitchen sponges, all of your cleanliness concerns can now be alleviated.

For more information check them out at Pura Natural Products.

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