Princeton Review Ranks the Most Beautiful College Campuses In 2015

The Most Beautiful College Campuses In 2015
Pepperdine comes in at number 2 on the Princeton Review’s list of the most beautiful college campuses of 2015.

The Princeton Review is notorious for their rankings of everything college.

Utilizing data based on annual surveys completed by students around the country, the Princeton Review is as accurate as it gets when it comes to your college countdown criteria.

This particular countdown examines the most picturesque campuses of the 2014-15 academic year.

From the hills of Ohio to the plains of Texas, no university was overlooked when considering the stunning landscapes that are home to institutions of higher education.

Did your current institution or alma mater make the cut?

Click here to view the Princeton Review’s 20 most beautiful college campuses in 2015.

The Most Beautiful College Campuses In 2015
Where does Rhodes College fall on the list?

Source: Huffington Post

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