Do Your Friends Hate Your Boyfriend? Maybe They Have a Good Reason

This is a common occurrence among friends. Your friends have you all to themselves. It’s only natural that when you begin to date someone new they feel a bit neglected. So having a backup plan in mind is not a bad idea, in case your friends do throw the jealousy party.  But you also need to think about this for a second.  Is there an underlining cause. I always tell people that nothing is ever what it appears to be, at least on the surface anyway.


Friends Hate Your Boyfriend
Do your friends hate your boyfriend?
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Well it all depends. This could be a case of pure jealousy and nothing more. Your friends could be acting this way because they feel abandoned and they want you back. Guys have this code…”Bros before H**S.  Well, girls have their own code too. So it could just be something as simple as the girl code going on. But what if there is more too it?

Do your friends hate your boyfriend, maybe they have a good reason.

Before you dismiss what they have to say or feel, think about a few things for a second. Do they actually see something in your boyfriend that you don’t” I’m not speaking about the looks or anything else that seems frivolous. If they dismiss him due to his car or they way he styles is his hair, than you should dismiss this. This is not a valid reason for them to dislike your boyfriend. They may feel that it is, but those reasons are nothing more than childish excuses. Excuses they are using in order to not take the time to get to know him.

Talk to your friends.

Have an open and honest discussion with them. If they are genuine friends of yours than they will have no reason not to tell you the truth.  Ask them why they dislike your boyfriend. They might see signs of abuse coming on. They might see signs of addiction, that you are refusing to see. Many times when we are in a relationship with someone we put up blinders. We make the choice to not see something that is staring us right in the face.  Sometimes we need our friends to wake us out of the fantasy that we have created for ourselves.

If their views are valid, you may need to take a closer look

You may have to have a discussion with your boyfriend, so that some issues can get resolved. Sometimes friends can see an issue before you can. But if the feelings are unwarranted than try your best to appease the situation. You don’t have to give up both. But try to budget more time with your friends, so that they feel less abandoned. You can do this successfully without having to give up your time with the boyfriend. You just need to find the right balance.

Avoid doing group events at all costs.

If they actually take the time to get to know him, this may not be an issue in the long run. But if they don’t take the time, you don’t need to run interference. So don’t put yourself up for the job. Also, avoid discussing conflicts with the boyfriend in front of your friends. I know that usually much of the girl time is spent doing this. But unless the situation gets resolved you are only wasting your time.

At the end of the day you can only control your actions, not anyone else’s. So don’t go looking to save a situation that is not meant to be saved.

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