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Cosmetic surgery and how it hurts our society
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This is a very serious subject matter, but one that needs to be discussed. So many look at the stars and celebrities out there in the world and think to themselves Hey, I want to look like that!” So many look at the before and after photos of those who had surgery and marvel at how easy it looks. But how many of us actually look at the darker side of this choice?

The Billion dollar business with no guarantees

Cosmetic surgery is a billion dollar business and enterprise, but it offers no guarantee that you will come out looking the way you wish to. Yes we see the stars and see how they look afterwards, but is that the whole story? Or is there more to it than that? We want to emulate these people so bad, but at what cost will that emulation come? There are young girls looking at these models in the magazines and thinking that the only way to be attractive is look like the model does. First off, most of those pictures are severely air-brushed. The imaging is not real. But these women gravitate to this fantasy anyway.

What risks does cosmetic surgery pose to our youth?

Let me ask you this question. Have you ever take a look at a before and after shot of cosmetic surgery that has failed?  When it happens, it fails miserably. These young women are placing all the money they have into this unreal expectation. When they come out looking even worse than when they went in, they get mad and say, “What went wrong?”

Our society is so youth and body obsessed that we end up hating the way we look, even when we look great. Is this the image that God made us in? I think not. In my opinion, God wants us to be happy with our bodies and take care of what we have. Now I know that body image is a big problem for many of you, including myself. But there are ways to feel good about ourselves, without having to resort to plastic surgery.

Pretending to be something we are not

I mean, what is our world coming to when we no longer grow up seeking to be someone else instead? If they surgery does go wrong, than we are stuck with that image for the rest of our lives, praying that we could go back to the way we looked before. Suddenly the way we used to look isn’t looking so bad now, is it? What happens if the surgery does go well? Did you ever stop to consider that if you don’t maintain it, the image will fade. That is the one thing that they never tell you about. Why do you think many of the stars keep going back. They have to keep up the appearance, otherwise if’s going to fade. We spend all of this money in an effort to look better. But when push comes to shove, our lives change and so does the way people treat us.  Have you noticed that your friends and family look at you in a different way, and it’s usually not in the way you’d expect.

So why don’t they tell you these things? The cosmetic business is a billion dollar industry. They want to keep their clients coming back. They aren’t going to tell you the pitfalls, because those pitfalls will mean a loss of profit. They only sell you on the possibility of the good, but never the probability of the bad.

What they never tell you is that beauty has a price. How much money are we willing to risk with this gamble?

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