10 Items That Are Not College Necessities

It is no secret that the typical college student could use a few extra dollars in their pocket. With the increasing prices of tuition, books, board, and other ancillary expenses, it is important to save a couple bucks whenever the opportunity presents itself.

With increases in technology, many former necessities are no longer required for today’s college student.

college necessitiesColleges also offer many complimentary services that are included in the price of tuition. What many parents and students rush to purchase once arriving on campus can be easily utilized through a little bit of outside research.

Libraries offer services such as printing, scanning, and faxing while most recreational facilities and student centers provide televisions, dining options, and places to relax. Taking advantage of these amenities not only save you a couple dollars in the long run but allow you to take full advantage of various services offered to maximize that college tuition cost.

Additionally, many items have cheaper alternatives. As a recent college graduate, I can say that I wish I was not in such a hurry to grow up. No need to opt for the iPhone when other smart phones provide cheaper alternatives that still allow you to remain connected.

Fox Business recently published an article outlining 10 items that are not college necessities. Be sure to check it out here and be on your way to putting a few dollars back in your bank account!

*These items differ based on services provided at various universities.
photo credit: college.library via photopin cc

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