Here it comes again … that horrible holiday that strikes the fear in single college students nationwide. It’s a holiday filled with chocolates and roses and enough affection to make your stomach turn.

We’re getting closer and closer to Valentine’s Day 2013, a day that many of us dread as soon as February rolls around.

In college, you’ll notice that relationships are never black or white — there’s usually a million shades of gray in between.

Here’s my guide on what to do for Valentine’s Day based on your romance situation.

A) You’re single
They call it “single and ready to mingle” for a reason. Get your party pants on and go clubbin’ to the break of dawn. Make Valentine’s Day a time to treat yourself to whatever it is that makes you happy. Whether it’s a bottle of wine, a new DVD or a box of chocolates, pick your poison! Oh, and stay away from Facebook/Twitter/Instagram for the next 24 hours so you don’t gag from all the pictures of Valentine’s Day celebrations. Yuck.

B) You’re “talking”
I describe “talking” with someone as not being in an official relationship quite yet (AKA you don’t use the word boyfriend or girlfriend to describe one another), but you essentially do everything that a couple would do. You’ll definitely want to get your significant other a gift in this situation (it would be rude not to) but don’t spend a lot of money on it and don’t make it romantic. Try to find a gift that both of you can enjoy together (ex: A gift card for a restaurant) or something that represents an inside joke between the two of you.

C) You’ve been on a few dates
You don’t want the other person to think you’re overly into them, given the sensitive nature of the holiday. Don’t buy this person a gift and most certainly don’t try to make plans on this romantic holy day. Your best way to go here is to avoid talking about it and to make your own plans for Valentine’s Day. If it comes up, it comes up — but don’t be the eager beaver in this situation. Don’t get your hopes up!

D) You’ve had a “one-night stand”
Do not, in any circumstances, text or call this boy/girl anytime this week. Seriously. No matter how desperate you think you are, I promise there are a million others like you feeling the same way around the time of this horrible holiday. Turn off your phone and hide it so you’re not tempted to say a word to this person.

E) You’re crushing on someone
You’ve never been on a date with this person or had a romantic encounter with them. You could be friends or maybe just haven’t ever hung out one-on-one. This holiday could actually be an icebreaker to let them know how you feel as long as you don’t go overboard. A cute “Happy Valentine’s Day” text or card could let them know you’re thinking about them but won’t make you seem like a lovesick fool.

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