The collegiate journey will soon be coming to an end for many of you.

You’ll be walking down the aisle to “Pomp and Circumstance,” shaking hands with a university administrator on a stage and flipping the tassel on your cap quicker than you

It’s time to wipe away those tears (you’ll need them for later on) and really enjoy your final month of college life.

Here’s some advice to help get you through from now until graduation!

Complete your bucket list

Even though you’ve been living in town for four years (or maybe more), you’ve still probably got places you want to go and things you want to try before you leave. Grab a buddy, compile your lists and work on getting them done together. Not only will you have some bonding time with one of your friends, but you’ll also know that you left after doing everything that you wanted to!

Don’t blow off your homework

You don’t want to be the person who has to come back and take a class after they’ve supposedly “graduated.” Keep your eye on the prize, get those assignments turned in and know that you probably won’t have to write another essay ever again (unless you’re going to grad school — in that case, good luck). You’ve worked hard for four (or more) years, now’s not the time to throw a Hail Mary and pray for a positive outcome!

Spend as much time with friends as possible

Although this seems counter-intuitive after my last suggestion, you can still spend lots of time with your friends and get your work done. This may be the last time in a while that you’ll get to live in the same city as many of your friends, so enjoy it while it lasts. A great way to celebrate the end of an era with your college buddies is to go on a bar crawl. Not only will you get to visit your favorite college haunts, but you’ll be celebrating with some of your most favorite people in the world. Take too many pictures and enjoy this time while it lasts!

Live in the present

I cannot stress this enough! Even though you’re probably freaking out about the next step — job, graduate school, etc. — enjoy this time you have left with your friends. This will be the last time you’ll be in a comfortable environment with close friends for a while. Don’t take that for granted!

Graduation is a huge step in your life. The whole world that you’ve known for the past four years is about to completely change.

Know that you’re not alone – the majority of your friends are in the same boat, so you can experience all of it together. But, despite the sadness that comes with this milestone, try to focus on the happiness of this occasion.

You did it! You pulled the all-nighters, studied for those horrible midterms and wrote endless amounts of five-page essays. Pat yourself on the back and appreciate all of the hard work you’ve put in.


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