You will make a lot of decisions before and during Spring Break – where to go, with who, where to stay, what party to go to…the list goes on. One decision you don’t want to make is one that will a) Stay with you forever b) Be one of the worst you ever made.

Tattoos seem to be a growing trend with more and more young people getting them. While I won’t impart my personal thoughts on them in this blog, I will say you need to take a few things into consideration before making a very big, life-long commitment to permanently marking your body.

Think It Over

Getting a tattoo is a life-long commitment and you really shouldn’t rush into getting one in the spur of the moment. Yes, there are laser removal procedures that can remove tattoos at a later date but keep in mind that is expensive and only successful depending on your type of skin and ink used.

It probably isn’t the right decision to get a tattoo on Spring Break for the following reasons – your friend is getting one, you are drunk, your friends are pressuring you into getting one, it seemed like a good idea after four straight days of partying and little sleep.

If you do find yourself in one of these situations take a step back and think about it. Sleep on it – if you still adamantly want one the next day then the tattoo parlour will be there in the morning. This is a permanent thing that needs time and thought.

Keep the Future In Mind

Ever chuckled at a celebrity who had someone’s name tattooed on them only to have it tattooed over or removed? Well if you get someone’s name, then one day the joke could be on you. No matter how strong your relationship, you are in college and therefore only young. You have a lot of life to live and getting “Bob” tattooed on your body during Spring Break may seem like a good idea until years later you marry “John.”

Also, think about the placement of the tattoo. Do you want to have a professional, corporate career? While many successful people in high powered jobs have tattoos, most likely trying to get a job at a law firm etc will prove a little difficult with “Hells Angels” written somewhere that would stick you of a suit and tie/jacket and skirt. Think about what kind of career you want and how tattoos may impact that before you take the plunge. Perhaps considering a less visible place would be wise.


If you have decided that you do want a tattoo and you have planned what you want – do some research. You need to go to an artist that is not only skilled but also someone who runs a clean operation. Probably not the best idea to just wander into the nearest place – especially if you are overseas and language may be a barrier. Ask around and find out where is best.



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