Everyone wants to live out a dream of being able to splash out, afford most items that they want, and become financially stable. However, with today’s economy, it can be hard and tough for newcomers to the adult world to become professionally established. There’s often ironic Catch 22 situations involved.

Luckily, a lot of help is out there to help soon to be, or even current, students to save money, and move in the right direction.

Setting forth into the so-called ‘real world’ can be tough, and, when attending a university, you want to make sure that those hefty student loans are going to be easily re-paid in several years time, and not become an issue of decades-old debt. For that reason, here are a few of the most upcoming and most lucrative degrees and majors that are available to you in 2013:

1. Radiologist

Working as a radiologist can be amazing, providing the ability to, on a daily basis, see the inside of human bodies via digital imaging (such as X-Ray scans). The pay is also incredibly handsome, with starting salaries typically a minimum of $208,000 per annum, your student loans will be narrowed down sufficiently once you start working.

However, with such a high pay wage, Radiology does come with hefty training and studying, by choosing this degree, you would be looking at 8 years studying, as well as anywhere in between 3 – 8 years internships before reaching the full paying deal.

The future of this job is looking promising, with an increased need for radiologists, the pay rate is expected to go up, making this an incredibly lucrative job to chase after.

2. Anesthesiologists

As an anesthesiologist, you will be working closely with surgeons to help sedate the patient inside the operating rooms. Whilst this job title can be a mouthful to pronounce, the paycheck is almost just as long, with an average yearly salary of $228,000.

Unfortunatly, as with most medical professions, you will have to support yourself through 8 years of studying, and between 3-5 years of residency.

Becoming an anesthesiologist can be challenging, and due to a low success rate, the job market out there is steadily increasing. So long as you can dedicate yourself to the task of studying, you should be good to pass, and move into a well paying, and amazing job.

3. Surgeon

Yet another medical profession in which you will be looking at 8 years of study, along with 4 – 10 years of residency. The yearly wage is often less than both radiologists and anesthesiologists, maintaining a steady $108,000 per annum. However, surgeons have the ability to increase the amount they are paid (based on employer, experience and expertise), which means you are able to reach up to $500,000 a year!

While this can be expensive to start up, you can potentially make a ton of money from this profession.

4. High Tech Salesman

Whilst this may surprise you, becoming a technology salesman can be incredibly lucrative, even by getting a low commission rate of 3% on a $500,000 deal (which is actually a moderate sum when it comes to selling technologies to other business), the salesman will still get $15,000.

While there is no average yearly income, the typical high tech salesman will receive anywhere between $100,000 to a million dollars per annum. Making the student loans you took out, easily paid back relativly soon after you start earning.

These jobs typically require a lot of money, and a lot of studying before you start getting a positive return on money, you should look into some scholarships to help you with funding. Christian Universities are known to be generous with scholarships, and should be given a serious consideration if your family is religiously orientated.

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