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Freshman year is always something that goes hand in hand with words like legendary or epic.

But just because freshman year has so many great connotations with those of us who’ve been through it, we tend to blur out the bad and awkward parts.

For me, freshman year was a blast, but would I want to go through it all again? Probably not. I had my fun and lived through it, and while I had a blast doing it, it doesn’t mean I’m quite to the point where I’d want to go through all of the homesickness, the hangovers and the broken hearts all again.

Here’s my guide to what really happens your freshman year, apart from all of the epic moments you’ll remember from the nights you’ll never forget.

1. You will get homesick

While some people deal with homesickness better than others, there will come a time when you’re going to get sad. And the sadness is pretty darn difficult to shake off sometimes! No matter how much fun you’re having at school, it tends to creep up on you when you least expect.

For most of us, it was probably that first time we got sick and our Mom wasn’t there to help. Or maybe the first time we had to get over a jerk ex-boyfriend or girlfriend without the aid of our best friend.

When it does happen, just know it will get better and that your family and friends are only a phone call away. Whenever I got homesick, I would make myself try something new on campus to get myself out of the homesickness funk.

2. You will regret making out with that guy/girl in the hall

While there are probably those gross couples out there who just so happened to fall in love their freshman year of college and lived in the same dorm, these people are few and far between. Avoid, avoid, avoid making out or hooking up with someone who lives on the same hall as you … or even the same dorm as you.

You’re going to be seeing  a lot of each other these  next few months, and you do not want to have an awkward elevator ride at 9 a.m. every morning. No matter how convenient (or fun) it may seem, don’t do it!

 3. You may have trouble spotting who your “real friends” are

In college, especially freshman year, it’s easy to get confused on who your real friends are versus who your “friends of convenience” are. I define “friends of convenience” as maybe roommates or suitemates or even hallmates who are your friends because it is convenient to be friends. You might not have a lot of common interests, but it’s easy to hang out with one another since he/she is so close by.

You’ll be able to spot these friends pretty easily if you’re ever put in a bad position or are going through a hard time and they’re the ones who seem to back away from you the most. Also watch out for the friends who always seem to need a ride or some extra cash — they may be using you.

This is just Part One … check out Part 2 coming soon!

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