Today, I read an inspirational blog post about how twentysomethings often feel, particularly around age 25. The 25-year-old blogger, Jessica, writes about how life is quickly changing around her. People her age are getting married, having babies, and growing up fast while she is still thinking about how she wants to enjoy just being a twentysomething. It’s true. The years go fast and you become 25 quickly, but you should never let an age determine where you are in your life. Instead, focus on where you truly want to be, age aside.

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Living life to the fullest

Maybe you are still in college, recently graduated, or just starting your first job. As students or recent grads, we all have something in common: we are young. The truth is, although it is a fun, adventurous, crazy time in our lives, twentysomethings also deal with confusion, stress and wonder. It’s not always so fun. There is little stability. It’s a time in life when we are unsure about who we are and what the future will hold. Maybe we have no idea where we want to go in life. Maybe we know, but just don’t know how to get there. Or maybe we are just trying to live for today while we are still in our twenties.

I love Jessica’s blog post because it really brings up good points about what we should be doing in our twenties. These are the years we will never get back.  As she describes in her post, it should be a time when we travel, explore, take chances and have fun.

Another point, not highlighted in the post, is that, realistically, it’s also a time to really focus on the future because just as fast as your twenties come, they will go. You need to be prepared with knowledge, skills and experience once you enter the real world. It’s a time to take action to build a foundation for your future.

Jessica’s blog post influences me to provide a list of tips for twentysomethings to live life to the fullest.

As a twentysomething, you should:

1. Travel to Your Dream Destination

We all have one. That one place in the world you always wanted to go, but usually had a reason to not go whether it’s money, timing, or having no one who will commit to travel with you. If you think you can make it work, just go. Study or volunteer abroad if you think that’s right for you. Maybe you will have to work extra hours at your job to afford it, but if it’s important to you, make it work.

2. Try Something Uncomfortable

When something is comfortable or convenient, it is usually an opportunity you will not learn and grow from. Try something new and outside of your comfort level. Conquer your fears or try something new, even if you have doubts. You will be amazed by the personal growth.

3. Think Before You Do

As a twentysomething, we tend to just do before thinking. I’m not saying we don’t think. We just tend to take action too quickly. For example, declaring a major without really thinking it over. It’s okay to take your first year undeclared. If you are unsure about your direction, take a few classes from different concentrations to find your interests. Also, do research and discuss your decision with friends and family. This is a big change in your life and should not be taken lightly.

4. Overcome Shyness

We as twentysomethings are insecure, unsure and downright afraid. Never let these feelings get in the way of making friends or speaking up. Shyness gets in the way of progress and growth. If you tend to shy away in uncomfortable situations, do all you can to overcome your shyness and be confident.

5. Work Hard Toward a Goal

This is the time to set a goal, get an education and work toward your dream job. Keep a healthy balance between work and play while in college. College is not just at time to party and make friends. Your education and work experience will shape your future. Although it’s good to have fun in your twenties, refrain from pushing responsibilities aside. Consider listening to the AdultFluent podcast on Anchor, Spotify or Apple Podcasts for essential life skills.

In all, life as a twentysomething is not only about having fun, but also starting your life as an independent, successful person. You will make mistakes, but eventually find out, that’s the best part about being a twentysomething.

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