Gay Lifestyle on a College Campus: Standing Up To Bullying

Dealing with bullying
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This is a very sensitive topic, but one that must be addressed. I’m sure that each everyone of us knows someone or will know someone that is gay.

As accepting as some of us may be with this subject, there are still plenty who are not okay with it.

  • For some it’s their religious beliefs that weight heavily into it.
  • For others it’s just the moral implications.
  • For many the mere fact of two men kissing or two women fondling is a scary subject.

Now speaking as a gay man myself, I can understand what some of you may be going through. It took me years to even start to get truly comfortable with myself and who I am. I’ll admit I’m not all the way there yet, but there has been vast improvements. So many just view those of us who are gay as that “gay guy” that “gay girl.”

Very few take the time to understand that is just a small part of us. There is so much more inside of us.

My only question for those people is what has changed?

You liked me before and now you don’t. What has changed?

The response that so many give is “you’re gay.”

But that’s not really a good response is it? It won’t really hold up in court.

So many young women and men got to their classes on a regular basis and more than likely, about half of them are still in the closet. They are scared to speak out and let their friends and family know. They are scared of what to do if they are found out by someone. Unfortunately homophobia is still very rampant on college campuses and not many are willing to step up to the plate and do something about it.

If a friend of your was getting beaten up or picked on just based on him or her being gay, how many of you would defend them?

How many of you would defend them at great risk to yourself?

So many of our friends are willing to step up to the plate when it’s convenient for them, but not if it will pose a great risk to their well-being. If someone says that he or she is your friend, shouldn’t they be willing to defend your honor? Having to defend a gay friend against bullying or even death is something that takes a person out of their comfort zone.


That’s like saying that you’ll stand up for someone as long as they aren’t black or as long as they don’t have green eyes.

Some colleges don’t really do much to help their students when it comes to bullying on a daily basis. The next time you are in the office ask someone who works there the policy against bullying gay people.

Look at Tyler Clamenti. He committed suicide based on how he was being treated. Supposed friends of his filmed him being in bed with his gay lover then the school completely dismissed it. Citing an excuse of “it happened off-campus and we have no control over what happens.” That is a lie and it’s just the school’s way of passing the buck, so they don’t have to take personal responsibility.

So many gay young men and women can’t live their truth because of the intolerance and the lack of accountability in the schools.

The next time you need to make a choice as to whether or not you will stand up for your friend, ask yourself this “What if this were me?”

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