Comedy TV Shows: Ones You Probably Aren’t, But Should Be Watching

The greatest time of year is here. You guessed it: the fall television lineup is back! In terms of comedy, there’s a lot to be excited about. Promising new shows and the return of others are giving viewers plenty of options for their entertainment fix.  A new age of great television has provided viewers with comedy gold, and with the Emmy’s just wrapping up on Sunday, here are a few shows that were forgotten, but are worth a watch.

The Mindy Project.

Comedy genius Mindy Kaling returns for a second season of her hit show this fall on FOX at 9:30 pm eastern.  Kaling, who wrote and starred on 8 seasons of the American version of The Office, brings her quick and fiery sense of humor as a gynecologist living in New York City, trying to balance a love life and a career.  This show is hilarious, warm, and comes with an array of amazing guest stars such as Seth Rogen, James Franco, and Bill Hader.


Community is probably the most underrated, under-advertised comedy on television right now.  This show casts The

Soup’s Joel McHale, Drake and Josh’s Yvette Nicole Brown, and The Hangover’s Ken Jeong.  However, the true star of the show in my opinion is Jim Rash, the cross dressing, punny Dean of Greendale Community college.  In the show, a study group of friends works together to make it through the craziness of college.  This show is incredibly funny and creative and unfortunately, always on the brink of cancellation.  No two episodes are the same, and many parody famous movies and shows such as The Breakfast Club, Star Wars, Mad Men, and the Muppets.  Although Chevy Chase and Donald Glover have left the show, it is still definitely worth taking the time to watch.  You can catch it on NBC and on Comedy Central. #6SeasonsAndAMovie

Brooklyn 99

Although I’m basing this solely on the pilot, as this show is brand new, I have big hopes for it.  Created by Michael Schur, the co-mind behind The Office, Parks and Recreation, and numerous jokes on Saturday Night Live’s Weekend Update, Brooklyn 99 is about a young cop who is forced to grow up when he gets a new, strict boss.  The always hilarious Andy Samberg, Terry Crews, and Chelsea Peretti team up in this show at 8:30 pm eastern on FOX.

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