College Savings: Thrift Shopping Thrills

Since Macklemore’s song Thrift Shop became viral, thrifting has gained more attention.

Clothes are definitely an extra expense. Thrift stores are great because they help people who may not be able to afford expensive clothes in retail stores. With all the costs of college, students find it advantageous to shop for clothes at thrift stores to save money.

Image courtesy of imagerymajestic /
Image courtesy of imagerymajestic /

For some, it’s more than just finding affordable clothes. You can save money and get a thrill out of shopping at thrift stores over retail stores.

What makes thrift shopping so thrilling?

The Hunt

When you walk into a thrift store, there are racks and racks of clothes. It takes some time to sift through everything and find something you want, but it’s all about the search for that unexpected, special item. You never know if you will find a must-buy item, but the exciting hunt makes it all worth the while.

The Sweet Finds

Don’t worry because it’s not all grandma coats. Sure, you will most likely come across distasteful looks, but there are plenty of stylish shirts, blouses, pants and dresses in a thrift store. You may even find a designer brand at an unbelievable, affordable price. You can also find discontinued styles you  may have once wanted to buy.

The Variety

Every clothing store has similar styles. If you only go to your usual retail stores, after awhile you will most likely want to try something different. Every thrift store has a variety of brands, styles and sizes because clothes come from all types of stores. It’s a place where you are most likely to find an item that you may not have bought or found in a retail store. Thrift stores allow you to experiment with outfits, try new store brands and add variety to your closet.

The Savings

Of course, everyone likes to save money. There is no denying clothes can be expensive. When thrift shopping, after you gather all your clothes, it’s time to checkout for that wonderful moment when you see how much you have saved.  Where else can you get 10-20 clothing items for less than $30? The clothes is inexpensive on its own, but to add to the savings, thrift stores often have additional store sales on marked items. Even brand new items are marked down. You can leave the store with a  full bag of clothes, guilt-free!

If you are a college student looking to save money while having a little fun, it may be time to “pop some tags” at a thrift store. As a student, you most likely enjoy shopping, but are low on money to spend. Thrift shopping gives you a chance to buy some extra clothes and have a variety of styles to wear to class.

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