5 Super Easy Ways to Make Small Investments

So, you probably aren’t thinking too much about the future while going through college. But it’s never too late to begin making small investments to secure a better future. Starting is hard, but there are many easy options for savings, from P2P lending to rounding payments after buying.

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Drip-Feeding an Investment Plan

Maybe you have an investment plan, or maybe you don’t. It doesn’t really matter at this stage. What does matter is that you have started, and you can commit. Even very small investments can make a difference, and some can pay off in a big way. Crypto is one of those where you can pay as little or as much as you like, even using a Bitcoin ATM to buy BTC when you want it. Holding crypto is a potentially lucrative method of investing in your future with great results.

Using P2P Lending Services

If you have money to lend, you can do it legally without having to open a loan business. Peer-to-peer lending platforms facilitate loans between you and clients wishing to borrow money. When they repay the loan, you make some money from interest. This is perfectly legal and opens you up to a genuine investment opportunity. However, there is always the chance that anyone you lend money to will not repay the loan, therefore causing financial losses.

Small Investments with Fractional Shares

Buying shares on the stock market is among the most common ways to invest money. And it is easier than ever today because of apps like eToro, Trading 212, and Robinhood. Around 130 million people in the US alone participate in online trading, including FOREX. However, buying shares at full price can be expensive. Some apps allow you to buy fractions of shares as you need. This is a good introduction to trading and can help begin your investment journey.

Trading Alt and Stablecoins

There are different types of trading you can take part in. Stocks, currency, and, of course, cryptocurrency. Crypto exchanges offer many products, not just BTC and ETH. These are known as Altcoins and are alternatives to the most popular. These are also relatively more stable than some of the more lucrative ones and cost much less. Accounts include Ripple, Tether, and Litecoin. Stablecoins retain value and include USDC, Dai, and Pax Dollar.

Rounding Up Payments for Savings

Putting pennies in a jar is something most of us have done at some point. The small amounts add up to large sums over time. But what about when you use digital services such as contactless payments? There are apps you can link to your bank account that will automatically round up your change when making payments and save them for you. Like a digital penny jar, these can help save a good amount over time. Apps include Qapital, Mint, and Digit.


Drip-feeding investments, such as buying BTC when you can, are great ways to make small investments that can pay off. If you can’t afford full-price shares, you can also invest in fractional shares. And there are also apps you can use to round up payments and change automatically.

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