It can be a scary time for any new college grad hunting for their first job in the real world.

With so many emerging college graduates every year entering the workforce, the job market continues to get more and more competitive. Fortunately for the class of 2013, it appears things might be looking up.

According to this infographic on the class of 2013, graduates are very likely to land a job immediately out of college. Recent college graduates are 13% more likely to find work than their 2012 predecessors. The infographic, provided by SpareFoot, also lists software developer as the best job option for 2013 graduates. Accountant is the second best option for 2013 college grads, followed closely by market research analyst and computer systems analyst. Not surprising, the highest paying major for 2013 graduates is computer engineering with the average starting salary being a whopping $70,000! Not far behind that is chemical engineering and computer science.

Job location is another important decision when it comes to accepting that first job out of college. Students want to be in cities they find attractive but also have to find cities they can actually work in with their degree. Seattle, Washington, D.C., and Minneapolis are excellent choices for most recent grads. All 3 locations are in the top 10 best cities for new college grads and the top 10 cities that college grads find most attractive.

College grads tend to be less picky than experienced workers when it comes to employer benefits, yet there are a few things they look for when taking that first gig. Annual salary increases are the number one benefit college grads are interested in. Recent graduates know they are starting at the bottom of the totem pole, so they want to be assured they will be respected and rewarded over time with a company.

Things are actually looking promising for 2013 college grads

Though it can be nerve-wracking trying to lock down that first post-college job, graduating students in 2013 have a very promising market out there. With the unemployment rate dropping and the economy growing, recent grads are reaping the benefits. Now more than ever, the job market looks wide open for new college grads.

College Graduate 2013 Infographic

College Graduate 2013 Infographic

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