4 Ways To Make Waking Up Easier In The Morning

College students are at the age when early mornings are difficult. It’s even more challenging when there is no set schedule. For instance, sometimes a student needs to get up for class early Monday morning, but doesn’t have class until afternoon the next day.

With a varied schedule, it’s hard to wake up and stick to a morning routine when getting up early. Not to mention the stress, late night studying, partying and roommate disruptions that can keep a college student from getting a good nights sleep.

Or course, students still may have early morning responsibilities such as a part-time job, internship or early morning class. Sometimes it takes some adjustments and a little effort to keep yourself from accidentally sleeping in, being late or feeling drowsy all day long.

4 tricks to waking up in the morning:

1. Open the curtains

Light gradually entering the room in the morning will naturally help wake you up. It is more peaceful than an alarm clock and will help set your mood for the rest of the day.

Set your alarm clock away from your bed to help yourself wake up in the morning
Set your alarm clock away from your bed to help yourself wake up in the morning

2. Place the alarm away from the bed

If you still need an alarm clock, but are the type of person to push the snooze button or worse yet, turn off the alarm and fall back asleep, try placing your alarm on a table away from the bed. Then you will be forced to either try sleeping through the annoying noise or just get up and turn it off. Once you’re up on your feet, you’ll be motivated to start getting ready for the day.

3. Get enough sleep

Everyone is different. Some people need 7 hours while others need 9 to be able to wake up and feel energized throughout the day. If you are getting the proper amount of sleep, you will be able to wake up more easily in the morning. Get to know your body and give it enough sleep each night.

4. Keep a consistent schedule

Even if you have the option to sleep in on some days during the week or on weekends, keep a consistent schedule. Pick the earliest time you need to wake up during the week. Then make this time as your wake up time every day. Also, go to bed around the same time each night. It may be challenging at first, but once you have a consistent morning and night schedule, you will feel awake and refreshed. Plus, getting up early will give you more study time.

Even though it can be a challenge to wake up early, make an effort to make it easier on yourself with just a few simple tricks. Soon enough you will start to feel more awake and enjoy waking up early to feel refreshed for the day ahead.

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