When The College Workload Becomes Too Much

The great thing about college is that you get to decide how many credits you take. Some ambitious students eager to graduate and hit the workforce load up with as many classes per semester as humanly possible, while others opt to take their time and stick to a standard number of credits.

Today there are many issues that may be factored in to a decision to load up with as many credits as possible. The most prevalent being money.

It is expensive to go to college and the costs are always on the rise. Staying in college an extra semester can mean spending thousands more on tuition and living expenses.

Also, the desire to work and earn money full-time may spur a student on the load up with classes. Being in debt is not a nice feeling and in college this is where we encounter our first real experience of debt.

Tuition fees and credit card debt all mounts up and the only way to pay it off is to get a job!

However, loading up with full semester after full semester can take a toll. If you can sustain the pace, then full steam ahead. But many students struggle to maintain a full workload and retain some balance in their life.

It is important to be able to maintain a good work/personal life balance. There is nothing worse than being bogged down with mountains of work with no time to blow off a little steam.

If you find yourself feeling like you are losing balance in your life then take a step back and assess the situation.

Perhaps it is time to scale back your workload and pick up a class or two in the short semesters if your college offers them. If your college does not offer them, always try community colleges. They generally offer a variety of general educations classes in the summer and winter semesters that your university will give you credit for.

The best part about being able to pick up some classes at a community college is that they are generally less expensive too.

There are also people at your college who are there to talk to you about your academic plan.

If you find stress is building up due to an unmanageable workload then make an appointment with an academic advisor and work out a plan of attack.

Similarly talk to your friends about the stress you are feeling. Perhaps they are feeling the same way. Perhaps, if possible, you can arrange to take some classes together.

This makes it a little more fun and then when it comes time to study for exams or write a paper you can help each other out.

The worst thing to do when faced with stress due to heavy workload is to suffer in silence and not take any actions to alleviate the pressure.

There are plenty of people who are qualified and willing to help you navigate this tricky time. All you have to do is speak up and ask for help.

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