Is it just me or are there so many more GOOD shows than normal that launched this fall?

I’ve found that I can barely even keep up with all of my shows every week!

While I realize this list is ABC-biased, here are the new shows I recommend for you to follow:

1. “Revenge”
If you haven’t jumped on this bandwagon yet, it’s time to start! The show follows protagonist Emily Thorne (played by Emily Van Camp) as she seeks vengeance for her deceased father’s incarceration. It’s a thrilling ride that keeps you on your toes from beginning to end.  The show is taking a break until April 18, so you’ve got time to catch up!

2. “New Girl”
I wasn’t a huge fan of this show in the beginning, but the more I watch it, the more I love it! Zooey Deschanel is so fun to watch as quirky female protagonist Jess and her male counterparts are nowhere near short on personality. My favorite has to be Schmidt (played by Max Greenfield) — he never ceases to make me laugh. The last episode of the season airs March 27.

3. “Once Upon A Time”
This show is crazy addictive, as it retells the stories of all of the fantasy characters you grew up with. The story revolves around Emma (played by Jennifer Morrison) and her adventures in Storybrooke. Her son (who Emma gave up for adoption years ago) has this theory that all of the residents of the town are actually characters from a book. It’s always fun to guess who each of the characters are supposed to be — and see how their lives compare to the fantasy world. The last show of the season is on May 13.

4. “GCB”
So I may be a little biased because I love Kristin Chenoweth, but she is stunning on ABC’s newest hit show. The series (which just started running on March 4) chronicles the life of Amanda Vaughn (played by Leslie Bibb) who returns to Dallas after her marriage ended in a miserable way, only to be greeted by the girls she used to bully in high school. If you love witty dialogue and satire, you’ll find yourself glued to the TV on Sunday nights!

5. Pan Am
While some of the episodes were hit or miss, I loved the entire season of this show! Maybe it’s because I’m curious what life was like during “The Jet Age,” but I really like how the show ties in historical events to what is going on in the crew members’ lives.  I love the female protagonists’ sophistication and witty banter as they navigate through some mucky situations. I hope to see a second season!

Which new shows are you crazy about this season? Let me know in the comments!

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