Every day in college seems to be a learning experience, if not in the classroom than in life itself. Freshman year especially, seems to be the year where the most information is absorbed. Whether you are just barely starting and taking a few mph online courses or are finishing up your associates degree, you will learn something new about the college experience every day. As the 2011-2012 school year comes to a close, here’s what some past and present college freshman had to say about their learning experiences:

1. Don’t lose sight of who you are. – Christina Streznec

2. Be nice to everyone. Do your work and go to class, and don’t be afraid to ask for help. Ask your advisor to help you make your schedule for the upcoming 4 years so you don’t get screwed later on. But most importantly, have fun! – Catherine Rinella

3. You can find out who you are, just keeep in mind that popularity is highly overrated. Speak up for yourself; don’t let anyone shape you into someone you’re not. – Blaise Bryant

4. Be open to trying new things. – Margaret Taylor

5. Get as big of a group as possible together to eat in the dining hall for dinner and just sit around and talk after you’re done eating. Don’t rush. – Greg Fragicomo

6. Working 35-40 hours a week and taking 19 hours of classes is a bad idea if you value any free time to do things, like sleep. – Gabe Guzman

7. Ordering food every weekend takes a hell of a lot of money. – Chris Miller

8. I should have gone to community college for my gen eds. I just went to a private college to pay $36,000 to relearn about English, history, and literature – oh! and gym when I already learned it in highschool. – Alyssa Hill

9. Life goes too quick. – Zach Scher

10. Just cause there are no authoritative overlords watching your every move like in high school, doesn’t mean you can go buck wild. In the end, you still have to be accountable to yourself, and well…your parents. – Christine Ongsueng

11. Don’t let fear stop you from living and being who you are. Get involved and remember that high school doesn’t matter anymore. The first semester can seem scary at first, but by your second semester you will be moving toward being a pro at this whole college thing. – Maria Wolford

12. Being an adult is awesome, and kind of difficult. – Dave Phillips

13. People are fake, do all your homework, watch your stuff (cause it could get stolen), everyone talks, and don’t do drugs. – Mauricio Cruz

14. Don’t rely on others; you’re out for yourself now! – Danielle Milanese

15. Don’t listen to Dexters Lab. Party now, study later is a big mistake. – Megan Readey

16. Be true from day one, we’re all in the same place: a new situation and new people. Don’t be fake, it only complicates things second semester. Also, you don’t have to exactly have to be friends with your roommate. You just need to make things work for the time you are there. – Lily Appleton

17. Unfortunately, sometimes college is just as shallow as high school. – Abbey Barker

What are some things you learned your freshman year? How do you plan to implement what you learned your first year into the rest of your college life?


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