Being broke is what college is all about. Nothing teaches you more about budgeting than trying to eat, drink and have fun on a very strict budget. Sometimes we look back at our college experience and wonder how we made through those weeks where we had to make twenty bucks last through weekend and still somehow managed to have fun. Many people view college as the best years of their life as they find creative ways to party on a limited budget while racking up student loan debt. It is amazing sometimes the kind of fun you can get into while you are working on a limited budget. It seems the less money you have to spend, the more active your imagination becomes.

If you are a college student on a budget you are probably always looking for ways to lower your costs. When you are broke you will stop at nothing to try and make room in your weekly budget. Because, let’s face it, you do not have enough money in your bank account to operate on a monthly budget. Luckily, at this point in your life, your expenses are typically pretty low. If you find yourself operating on a slim to none budget you are not alone. Here are some tips that you can use to help you save money if you are living on a prayer.

· Clip Coupons – You may be surprised the amount of coupons you can find that can help you save money on sundry items. Couponing has become somewhat of a fad lately and retail stores are taking advantage of this by making great offers available. These coupons can often be combined with other offers to generate even more savings if your timing is right. Never underestimate the power of a grocery coupon!

· Ramen – These delightful packs of noodles can make up an entire meal and you get 3 of them for a dollar. They come in multiple flavors and varieties to help keep you from getting bored with the same old thing every day. Eating out is one of the biggest strains on a person’s monthly budget. Buying cheap meals that you can make at home may not taste as good as eating out but you will enjoy the results.

· Cut excess spending – If you are a coupon clipper do not buy things just because you have a coupon for them. Buy only things that you need and do not just spend money on frivolous things that may just sit in your fridge for days or end up moldy in the back of your pantry.

· Make friends with people that work in restaurants – By having friends that work in restaurants they may be able to “hook you up” when you visit them at work. They sometimes also bring leftovers home after their shift to share with their friends. There are not many better things in life than a free meal.

Take advantage of specials offered through services like Living Social and Groupon. Just be aware of various offers that are available to you in your area. By doing this you will be well on your way to living a more frugal lifestyle. Why get a job and make money when you have some serious partying to do?


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