The most wonderful time of the year is almost here. Summer 2012, is on its way everyone… and we all know what that means: Work! (Because, we obviously don’t have enough of that during the school year). For most of us, the job hunt is on. Whether we are going back to a summer job we’ve had for years or starting a new one, college students and summer jobs seem to go hand in hand.

When looking for jobs for the summer, a really great thing to do now that you’re in college is to get jobs that help you with your major or look great on a resume. For example, if you are an education major, working at a summer camp with the age group you want to teach is great experience and looks wonderful on a resume. Working as a camp counselor seems to be the go-to job for a lot of people (I did it for 4 years) and proves to be a rewarding job that gives you so much experience and awesome memories.

As always, the mall is always a great place to look for jobs as well. Stores always seem to be hiring and if you don’t mind working retail, it can be a great place to make some cash this summer. If you enjoy physical labor, working for a construction or landscaping is great experience and, often times, excellent money.

As you look for a job this summer, be resourceful, scour all your options, and get creative! Yes, the job market isn’t exactly buzzing at the moment, but whether part-time or full-time, if you are willing to put in the effort and be persistent, there are jobs out there waiting for you. Employers want to see that you really want the job: stop by, make a few phone calls a week – do what you can to stay on their radar, so that when the time comes for them to hire, you’re the first person that will come to mind.

Another wonderful tactic when looking for a summer job (or any job for that matter), is to use your connections. Maybe a family friend owns a business or a neighbor or friends works at a company that’s hiring – whatever the connection may be, use it. Never underestimate the “power of who” when looking for jobs. It may seem like the “easy way out” or a “cheap shot” but would you rather be broke all summer or have a job?

Sketchy as it can be sometimes, Craigslist can also be a valuable resource when looking for jobs as well. Just be careful and really do your homework before pursuing the job.

We here at College Cures wish you the best of luck in your employment endeavors!


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