As a writer, I often have more than a couple of ideas for articles buzzing around my head at once – so many sometimes, that I rarely ever finish them all. This band review is no exception to the earlier statement.  I had originally set out to write this article this past April, when my mom introduced me to this incredible husband and wife blues duo, Karen Tedeschi and Derek Trucks. Oddly enough, it is for your benefit that I forgot about this drafted post until two days ago.

If you’re big into blues, soft rock, soul, and incredible guitar playing with a bit of a southern twist, Tedeschi Trucks Band’s two albums “Revelator” and “Everybody’s Talkin'” need to be the next two records you download. I don’t usually recommend bands from this current decade to people, so when I do, I can assure you it will be more than worth your while. (Assuming, of course, you love modern hybrids of The Allman Brothers and Janis Joplin).

In their own right and talents, both Tedeschi and Trucks were involved in successful solo projects and collaborations with already established artists. In 1996, Trucks established The Derek Trucks Band and in 1999, became an official member of the Allman Brothers Band (having first started to play with them as a pre-teen). By 2003, Rolling Stone named him 81st of the 100 Greatest Guitar Players of All Time. As of last year, he was ranked 16th.

Tedeschi formed her own self-named band in 1994, and in 1995 got into blues guitar. By 2000, she had opened for Bob Dylan, The Allman Brothers Band, and John Mellancamp (just to name a few). Tedeschi continued with her band in until 2010, when she and her husband decided to take a hiatus from their solo bands to form their joint venture, Tedeschi Trucks Band.

Back to the part earlier when I said that it was for your benefit I waited 4 months to write this article: This past July, I had the pleasure of seeing Derek Trucks play live with the Allman Brothers Band. What you hear on recordings and what you find from live shows on YouTube only scratch the surface when compared to the intensity and greatness of playing ability witnessed live. . . especially when Derek Trucks is playing lead.

Okay, so I’m having a bit of a fangirl moment now, but in all seriousness, Tedeschi Trucks Band is probably some of the best soul/blues you’ll find out there these days.

This video is from the 2010 Crossroads Guitar Festival, with the band performing their song “Midnight In Harlem”

Tedeschi Trucks Band – Midnight In Harlem


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