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Go to the Beach or Write That Paper?  I Vote for Both!

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Every now and again the time comes when you are faced with an assignment and you’d rather just jump back in bed, take a long hike, hang with your friends or do just about anything else than write that paper that’s due next week.

We’ve all been there.  Sure, there are plenty of assignments that we get that are no problem at all.  I can even say that to some extent, I actually enjoy the writing that I’m able to do as a student earning my undergrad degree.

For those other times though, I think I’ve found the perfect solution.  A classmate recently told me about a company called “We Can Write That.”  Never before has a company been so aptly named!  For indeed, yes, they can (and did) write that paper for me.

The process could not have been easier.

After arriving at the site I was able to quickly open a new account and request a quote.  Their customer service was outstanding!  I had a live chat session with Shannon (who I later discovered is also the founder/owner of the company).  She was able to answer all of my questions and even addressed some issues which I had not brought up.

When I asked about confidentiality, Shannon directed me to the site’s privacy policy.  The only info I needed to provide when I signed up to place my order was an email address. When I was connected with my writer, it was all done through a messaging system on my project page.  He knew me only as a username, nothing else.

Throughout the three-day process I received text notifications like “You have a new message” or “Your paper is ready for review.”  You don’t have to sign up for these, but I wanted to have updates.  Whenever I messaged my writer I usually heard back from him within a few hours at most.  His quick replies were just another example of their very strong customer service.  When my paper was done, I downloaded it directly from my project page.

With regard to the final product, let’s just say it was much better than anything I would have been able to write on my own.  And if you were wondering how this whole process is legit, you need to look no farther than their terms and conditions, which you must agree to before contracting with them to write your paper.  Simply put, the paper they send you is a model.  It shows you what a great essay on your topic looks like.

Did the paper include everything that the assignment requested?  Yes.  Did it include all citations and come back to me in perfect MLA format?  Absolutely.  Did it pass the Turn it in test?  No problem. Could I have turned in the paper as-is?  Without a doubt.  Did I?  I’ll never tell.  I emailed Shannon to ask her if I could turn the paper in if I wanted to.  She said that the paper belongs to me and I can do what I want with it, even though they don’t condone turning it in as my own work.

“We provide our clients with a model paper so they can have a solid understanding of how a good paper on the topic should be sourced, written, and structured.  Whether they turn it in or use it as a guideline to then write their own work is ultimately a choice the client makes.  But they understand from the start that what we write for them is really a model.”

I called Shannon at the number listed on the site to get more info for this review.  She was pretty open about how and why she started this company.  She said she used to work for a similar firm but didn’t agree with some of their practices.  Knowing that she had plenty of experience as a writer as well as a dozen or so other people who could serve as additional staff writers to cover all fields, she opened the business in February of this year and hasn’t looked back since.

With regard to the cost, this is most certainly a case of “you get what you pay for.”  If you want a paper written overseas and delivered to you in some form of broken English, there are dozens, if not hundreds of services out there that will almost seem underpriced.  But, caveat emptor!  We Can Write That should be considered as the Lexus or Mercedes of the writing service sector.  That’s fine with me.  I’m happy to pay a little bit more knowing that the value is there for me in the end.  Click the “get a free quote” button on the site for specific pricing for your next assignment.  You can decide after receiving it if you’d like to go ahead or not.

I asked Shannon if every paper was really original, and she made it clear that every paper is written from scratch.  They don’t ever recycle their work.  Your paper will be 100% original.  Because they don’t reuse old work and the writers are real people who also have lives, you can’t dump rush academic work on them.  Don’t wait until the night before your paper is due and hit them with “Hey, can I get this 10 page paper back tomorrow by 10:00 am?”  It’s just not gonna happen.  Shannon said that another reason they don’t take rush orders is that they want to give clients plenty of time to use the paper as a guide to write their own work.  So get in touch with them as soon as your paper is assigned.

Given how easy it was to explore and use their website, their exceptional customer service and the overall quality of the “model” paper they delivered (yes, I got an A on the assignment), I can see myself becoming a frequent and long standing client of theirs well beyond my college years.

Check out today!

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