Spring and Summer 2012 Tours

Not unlike any other music lover, I am a big fan of summer concerts. As pricey as live shows can get these days, nothing beats watching your favorite band play on a summer night.

Based on the new music dropping this year, some amazing artists are going across the country to promote their new albums. As I looked through the bands touring this summer, I got very excited. Here is a look at some of the awesome shows that could/should be making you and your friends some amazing memories, this spring and summer:

Dave Matthews Band 

After a year hiatus, Dave Matthews Band is back on the road! Kicking off on May 18th at The Woodlands, in the great state of Texas, the tour is covering the country everywhere from Indiana, New York, to Washington. The tour ends on September 9th in Mountainview, California. This year marks the 20 year anniversary of DMB, so it is sure to be a summer to remember!

John Mayer 

The Born and Raised spring 2012 tour begins in a little less than 3 weeks in Thackerville, Oklahoma. The eight week tour covers the Midwest to the East Coast, with 2 stops in New York and Michigan. Opening for Mayer on this tour is Kacey Musgraves. These shows will be Mayer’s first performances since he was diagnosed with a cyst in his throat late last year.

Florence and The Machine

Florence and The Machine is  kicking off the North American leg of their tour on April 14th in Santa Barbara, California. Following their appearance at the famed Coachella Music Festival, also in California, Flo will be traveling across the entire country. In July, the tour moves back to Europe, with a few shows later in the month back in the US. The entire tour ends on August 9th, Gothenburg, Sweden.


Much like the Florence and The Machine tour, the first part of the Coldplay’s 6 month trip across the world begins at the Royal Albert Hall in London, England on March 4th. Coldplay comes to America on April 21st at Portland, Oregon. In May, the British band goes back to Europe, but returns to the US on June 22nd and remains in North America until August 11th.


Drake continues his award-winning year and stellar success with the rest of his U.S. tour. The tour ends on March 11th, so hurry to get your tickets now before it’s all over. All remaining concert dates are on the west coast.

The Black Keys 

Starting tomorrow in Columbus, Ohio, The Black Keys begin their two month tour of the United States. Along with the Arctic Monkeys, the duo will playing venues such as Madison Square Garden (March 12th) and the Rose Garden (Portland, Oregon).

For a complete list of spring and summer tours, go to https://concerttour.org/

Happy concert hopping!


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